May 23, 2007

Controlling liquid hot magma?

Hmm, you ask yourself, "controlling liquid hot magma? @#$%&*!" Yep, that's right, controlling liquid hot magma. Why? Because I like Austin Powers, named my cat after him. And because I make glass beads. So, since glass comes from the earth, made from silicon sand, I can take the manmade glass and create my own art. Therefore, controlling liquid hot a sense. Ok, just humor me.

What makes glass? Silicon sand. That's right. Some crazy freak decided one day to take sand, heat it up beyond normal standards, and see what would happen. Voila, glass!! Did you know the earth can create it's own glass either from geologic activity or lightening strikes (yeah, I have a biology degree too). Obsidian, a wonderful geologic object, jet black and shiny as, well, as glass. Check it out, earths own glass:

Enough rambling, I'm not really that smart. I just sound like it. I had a professor in college once, he was so smart, he could answer any question. He'd go on and on and on when someone asked a question. Took me two semesters to realize he never really answered the question sometimes. But he'd throw in all this technical stuff and we'd all be in awe. But I caught on, and well, my BSing skills were born.

How did it all start? you ask. Well, my friend asked me to take a bead making class. I said, "No way! What am I going to do with a bunch of useless beads." Really, I said that. Hard to believe, I know. Well, six months later, I thought maybe, just maybe, it'd be fun. So off we went to class. Made about 10 beads. I have them made into jewelry, they turned out, well, ok I guess (now that I've learned more).

Neadless to say, I was hooked. Left that day with a kit and tons of inspiration. And I've never regretted it. I've taken every class available in my area, bought every book, and researched on the internet. I made my own studio, in the garage (much to my husbands dismay, taking over his territory, he says). Built my own bench. Just bought a kiln, and now, will be taking fusing classes.

That's my short history. More to come. Check out my beads and work at and (hope these links work, I'm not really as smart as I sound!)

Gotta go, thanks for checking in.

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