June 16, 2007

Let the sales begin!!

Well, Sunday June 17th marks the start of our craft sale season. I pack up every piece of jewelry making equipment I have and load it into the trunk of my Impala (piece of crap car) and venture off into craft sale land.

My sister and I started this about 3 years ago to earn money for the Amery Humane Society, Amery Wisconsin. Then we started adding our own products. Then, much to the animals chagrin, we ventured out on our own. Oh, and I actually did one season selling nothing of my own just to help her out. She better remember me in her will!!

My sister sells hand knit items. Baby sweaters, blankets, and cute little fruit hats for kids. But enough advertising her her.

I pack all my glass beads right next to my jewelry supplies and sell sell sell. I do very well at the sales. I make about $200.00 per sale. And that was just my first year. This is my second year selling my beads, and I'm hoping to do much better, now that I know what to expect.

It's fun to get out and meet new people. They're always amazed at what I've created with my hot glass. And quite frankly, so am I.

I just finished a 5 hour session at my torch. I've created a couple of flowers. A dog head, and dog bone. Two sea horses, a snail, a couple lobsters. And god only knows what else. I've forgotten, as the Alzheimer kicks in. Must need more coffee.

One of these days I'll have to figure out the You Tube website and post a video of my bead making skills. Quite the feat, I must say. It's amazing that I can actually make that dripping glob of molten silica turn into anything recognizable!

I'll post some pictures when the beads are done cookin' in the kiln. But my favorite is a little monster I've made thanks to the talented Sharon Peters. She's awesome at bead making, and I'd grovel at her feet if I knew where she lived.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

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