September 16, 2007

Fall is here!

Well, at least it's finally cooled down enough for me to comfortably sit at my torch for hours. But some days it gets too cold! I'm never happy.

Well, our craft sales will be kicking in full steam now. We take August off because it's just too hot out. My last sale was pretty slow, but I was able to touch base with a customer from last year and she has a wonderful project she'd like me to do for her. A birthstone bracelet. The birthstones will be replaced by floral beads. Each bead will have the birthstone color of one of her grandchildren. She's waiting for the newest arrival to their family before we finalize the details. What fun!

I've been making some leaf beads, and focals in fall colors. The halloween beads sold great on the etsy site, I still have some left. But above are some of the newer ones I did yesterday, and I'll have more online tomorrow night.

Happy fall everyone!

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