January 27, 2008

Winter update: to bead, or not to bead....

Wow, it's finally warmed up to where it doesn't freeze the skin off your face when you go outside. Yikes!

The cold definately makes it hard for me to create beads. So I've had to stick to making jewelry, which is fun, but not as much fun as melting glass and creating minature works of art. Well, hopefully they're artful.

Melted glass gives off dangerous fumes, and I do not have ventalation, yet. We've bought supplies to make a fume hood. The fan is here. And we're ready to go. Hopefully I can get the hood made before my husband has to leave town.

I'll definately have to take before and after pictures. I'm not very good at thinking of that stuff until after I'm done. Then I say, doh, shoulda coulda woulda. But it's too late.

More updates soon. Stay warm!

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