February 16, 2008

February is a short month?

That's what the calendar says but I don't belieive it. Not this year!

It has been below zero in northern Wisconsin most of this month. February is supposed to be the warm up month, short and sweet, to make up for a horrid January. Not so this year.

There is nothing longer then a dark and cold month. Even if it only has 29 days. Today is the 16th and it just seems like it will never end.

Although the sun is shinning on my computer screen as I type, the wind is howling and shaking the windows. It's finally been above zero the last couple of days yet the wind plunges it right back down.

I feel like popping vitamin D like valium! I'm grumpy and depressed, and want nothing to do with anyone or anything. That is definately not my personality!

So my best friend, coffee, and I will cuddle up and watch a comedy. See if that helps. Hope everyone elses February is shorter then mine.

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