November 23, 2008


I love to create exactly what someone is looking for. I found a really cool sheet of Holiday graphics, and thought, "Wow, there are so many choices. Which ones should I start with? Which ones will everyone like?"

We all know everyone has different tastes. And I really do enjoy creating exactly what everyone likes. So I listed my Holiday Stained Glass Pendants as a "Customizable" item in my Etsy Shop.

Check out those Peppermint tights! Are those cute, or what? What kind of image would you like on the back of that? You'd think it would be kinda hard to imagine anything going with those sassy stockings. But I have two choices that are my favorites. And an additional choice that just seems perfect!

My favorite is the black "Santa, I was naughty", with the "Naughty or Nice" a close second. But wouldn't the other side of the pendant look great with the candy canes? Click on the picture at the right to see all the choices you have.

Want another choice? I know, I know, now I'm going overboard! lol But, what if you see something perfect for someone you know, but they don't wear necklaces? Well, not a problem. I'll replace the chain with a little ribbon, and now you have a one-of-a-kind ornament! Hang it on the tree, or anywhere you'd like. The perfect give for someone you love, or maybe for yourself!

For more great customizable ideas visit me at Glasstastic "Customizable" Treasures!
Prefer to make this purchase on Handmade Fuzion? Click here!

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

1 comment:

ButtonSoup said...

That candy cane stocking graphic is very cute.

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