November 14, 2008

What's so great about Handmade Fuzion?

Well, first and foremost, Handmade Fuzion (HF) is all about handmade only items. It's a great website to buy and sell only handmade items.

But what makes it so good? Oh, I'm so glad you asked.....
  • For me, the most important tool they offer sellers is the ability to use html codes to track stats. With stats we're able to see what part of the country (even where in the world) our views are coming from. We can also track what time of day we are getting our views, and what the viewers are looking at, all depending on the analytic account we have. HF also supplies us with a view counter for our main shop page, as well as item view counts.
  • Next is the ability to customize the look of our shop. We have been supplied with some pretty cool templates to create an individualized shop appearance to compliment our items. Again, we have html availability so we can add codes or whatever we are able with our knowledge of html. I, for one, am not very html savvy.
  • Cool fonts, font color choices, and other little editorial gadgets to use at our whim. And don't let me forget the ability to create prefilled fields which help make listing quick and painless.
  • Wildwood (a HF seller) describes the ease of listing as "smoo-hooth:)".
  • Need more options then Paypal and check/money orders? Well, with HF we have it. Just name it, they've supplied it: Revolution money, direct credit card payments, offline payments (Western Union, etc) and more!
  • Shipping options galore! Choose the shipping fees per state, country, etc. Have an item that can only be shipped priority? No problem, it's an option.
  • There is also a fees calculator so we can calculate how much your listing will cost.
  • Oh, and tired of never seeing your item on the front page? Me too. HF charges a minimal fee and your item will cycle throughout the daily page loads and show up on the front page!! How exciting to see your item showcased on the front page. Especially when you know you deserve it.
  • Hey, want to offer a sale or special? What an awesome feature that HF has given us....the ability to put some or all our items on sale. Immediate mark-downs for our customers, making their purchase easy and painless. No waiting for an adjusted invoice for them. And for paying fees on a dollar amount that really wasn't sold. Oh, and if we are in need of sending an adjusted invoice for any reason, we have the option to do that right through the HF site!
  • Have a pesky customer you don't ever want to have to deal with again? There's a cool function to block them. You'll never have to be harassed again.
  • Wonder what your hard earned fees are being used for? Well, on HF, they let us know when and where they are advertising. Check out the completely handmade and totally original commercial below!
  • Best reason ever to join HF? They started contests to win cash and prizes. Sign up, buy, list, sell and earn points to win cash for Christmas.
Have you had enough yet? There are so many great features from handmade Fuzion, that I can't possibly list them all. But I would like to conclude that the Admin there are the absolute best. And I'm not just saying that. They have worked very closely with us from the onset of opening day, to make this site exactly what we want and need. They are always there, always listening, and always helpful! Click here to learn more about the creators of HF.

Got a hobby you'd like to turn into more? Click here to sign up for the HF experience. Please tell them Glasstastic Treasures sent you. Remember, there's a contest, and you and I can help each other win!!

Still have questions? Just ask, I'll do my best to help.

1 comment:

Carey Lynn said...

you hit the nail on the head! having a juried site with all items handmade---no doubt about it. that's what truly makes HF great:)

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