December 09, 2008


Oh yes she did! Deb, what are you trying to do to me?? Artisticflair has done it again. Just look at this. It's wonderful, and perfect. I want, I want, I want. Oh my, she brings out my greedy side, doesn't she.

Twilight, the new hit movie sensation. I'll be seeing it again tomorrow night (yep, that's twice now). And the book was so action packed, that I read it for two days straight. Probably only slept about 6 hours total, between Friday and Saturday nights. Haha. Ah, what a great book!

Love you Deb! And your work is awesome ;)

Just when I think my collection is complete! Here she comes, here she comes again. Remember that song?

I recently got this yummy little fishy from artisticflair not too long ago. I love fish, they are my favorite animal. Along with my dog, and cat. And maybe a bird or two. lol.

1 comment:

Carey Lynn said...

ok now I'm gonna have to see Twilight---because GT said so! lol

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