December 13, 2008


That was what I asked myself today. So, let's go find me. Well, how do I do that? If I didn't know me, how would I find me, especially if I didn't know I wanted to find me. See what I'm getting at? No?

If you want to bring someone to your shop, how would you do that? They don't know you exist, or what you do. So how would they know how to find you, especially if you're not paying to show up at the top of search engines?

Well, here's what I did...a google search. Well, if I put in Glasstastic Treasures, I show up all over the place. So, you do that, see what pops up. EVERYTHING! My shops, my networking sites, my forum posts! Yay! 685 listings for Glasstastic Treasures.

But, I know my name, I searched just for that, it was easy. So then I search for what I sell, "handmade lampwork beads". Hmm, 149,000 hits, and I was not on any of the first 10 pages. I'm not looking any more, are you? Let's try "handmade lampwork". 281,000. What do you think the odds are that I'm on any of the first 15 pages? NO! Now what? What about getting the attention of those who don't know my name, but I want them to SEE me?

Did you know that the SHOP TITLE in your appearance section of Etsy is more important then anything you have listed in your shop? For search engines, that is. I had "Unique and Fun Lampwork Beads" in there. So, let's search for that. WOW, I'm number TWO!!

That worked out pretty well, but my search was pretty specific. I need to generalize just a little more, but not too much. So I changed it to " Handmade Quality Lampwork, Stained and Fused Glass". We'll just have to see where that brings us!

Interesting? I think so. It's painfully obviously that Etsy is not paying for any Internet searches for anything specific. And why should they, that's up to us to bring them to our shops. Etsy just wants them to get to Etsy, after all.

So, what does your shop title say about you? Feel free top comment with any tips you might have!

**please note, clicking on the photos will bring you to the search page, however, the searches may have changed since I posted these pics.


kjbeads said...

great. Now I have one more thing on my to do list today.

Carey Lynn said...

Yes! I knew that SHOP TITLE was important for search engines...and the ITEM title is another very lucrative place for carefully selected wording!

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