January 11, 2009

There's nothing better then...

...waking up on a cold Wisconsin morning snuggled next to the warmth of the one you love. Except knowing that you are going the get the whole house to yourself for the whole day. Woohoo!!

Usually my house is full of kids and grand kids on the weekends. Not that I'm complaining, but you understand. So yesterday I had the whole day to myself. My hubby went ice fishing with my son. Wow, what should I do, what should I do?

Well, I read the forums, looked around my office, and had a lot of coffee. Then, I did a little cleaning, took the Christmas tree down. I also did a lot of thinking. It's easier to do when it's quiet, lol. But best of all, I made some important decisions about my internet venues.

Since I really love 1000 Markets, and it can only house finished products, it will now be the home for my finished jewelry and accessories. So, I will be moving all my finished items from my other venues to here.

The new plan:

~Summer months will be filled with making and selling my lampwork beads to designers on Handmade Fuzion and Etsy.

~Winter months will be filled with making jewelry and accessories for 1000 Markets.

You may wonder why that's such a big deal to me. Well, normally my focus is to create focal lampwork beads for jewelry designers. Since the winters are so cold here I can't create my beads, and after awhile I frequently find myself unable to create. I start to get lazy and depressed with my business, and pretty soon I don't want to do anything!

But since I've found 1000 Markets, which I adore, I am going to try my hand at creating more finished items, which I have plenty of time for during the cold winter months. See it coming together? I know, it's pretty simple! But when you get used to doing one thing, and the other slips into the background.

Sometimes, just coming up with a plan and making an important decision can make everything come together. And it feels good.

A new year, a new plan. sigh :)

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