March 10, 2009

Twilight DVD Release

March 21st. I can't wait! *sigh* My husband thinks I'm nuts.

nuts! I'm nuts because I can appreciate a man who wants to do the right thing for the woman he loves? I'm nuts because it appeals to me that two people love each other so much it tears them apart? I'm nuts because Edward is so fargin handsome I don't care if he's 20 years younger? Well, I told him that Edward is the most romantic man I've ever seen, even if he is dead. Or should I say-undead!

Ah, young love. He thinks I'm nuts because he doesn't like having emotions and he doesn't like to admit that he used to be romantic, way back when he used to be my Edward. But I remember, lol. And that's all that matters.

So, what are your Twilight DVD release plans? I won't be standing in line at midnight waiting for the stores to put the DVDs on the shelf. But I'll be buying a copy, that's for sure!
Clicking on each picture will bring you to two different shops of mine. Both shops have both pendants!

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