April 01, 2009

Custom Orders Welcome?

Do you often wonder? Are they welcome? Well, for me, that's kinda my middle name! I specialize in customizing purchases at the local craft and art shows I attend.

I take all my supplies with me (that will be a challenge after the stock I've amassed over this last winter!), but I do that so that I can make exactly what you are looking for!

Ever want a long necklace, something to wear over a turtle neck sweater or dress? Something long and dramatic? Have a hard time finding it? Well, guess what? If you find me, you found your best source. I can make you just about anything you want.

Want leather or suede? Want brown or black? I also have faux suede and waxed cotton cording for you vegans too!

Sterling silver is my favorite. But if you need something a little less pricey, I have some base metal supplies too.

I always say, it's a woman's prerogative to changer her mind. And it's also our prerogative to want choices. I offer color, material, and style choices, along with size choices.

Plus size gals like me get very frustrated with the small items found in great quantities. I'm tired of seeing all the tiny little chains and necklaces. Where's my size?? I have it for you! Whether big or small, I can get you what you want.

Just remember, Glasstastic Customized Treasures. After all-it's my middle name!

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