April 26, 2009

Help Wanted

Sorry, I don't have a job for you, so to speak. But I do have a favor. Everyone is so very helpful, and I know you'll enjoy this favor, because it's so easy!

Numerous people have said that your shop banner should represent what you sell and who you are. But I have always thought that if you have a nice banner with your shop name, your items should represent you.

Yesterday I was in an ArtFire forum where they were having an Ugliest Banner contest and someone said that they were surprised my banner did not have any of my beads in it. Or something like that. I have virtually no short term memory, lol :)

So, if you would be so kind, please vote on which banner you like. Each banner is in Flickr, so you can click on them and comment on the one you like.

Now, keep in mind, I made the Aquarium banner myself. And I am not very digitally or graphically savvy.

Aquarium banner. I kinda like it, but I could just be biased! lol. (the banners look fuzzy below, but if you click on them they will bring you to my flickr page for nice clear pics, and you can comment to vote, or you can comment here, too.)

And this is my Butterfly Banner I had made by a really awesome designer, BearCengic. I love this one, it's my favorite one ever!!

1 comment:

Susanmwb said...

I totally like the Aquarium banner! Your beads are super & would even consider putting a couple more on either side of the banner. It immediately gace me an idea of who you are and the quality of your wares.

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