April 21, 2009

I Am A GLUTTON For Punishment!!


I am. Do you remember, just a couple of posts ago I was whining about having too many websites? Well, wouldn't you think then, that I'd get rid of some of them, and NOT sign up for any new ones?

Yeah, I would think that would be what that meant. But NOOOOO! I had to go and follow the crowd. I'm such a lemur.

I had a couple days off from work to sand and stain my handmade by me kitchen cabinets (do not try that at home. Seriously, my hubbs and I wanted to kill each other) but it was so doggone cold out that I sat in front of my computer all morning wondering what I could do to get myself into trouble.

So, here it is. What I did on my Monday off, or-Stupid me, like I have time for these shenanigans!

Now seriously, what are you waiting for. Click on that link and go buy some of my awesomeness! Go!

PS. Remember, I was wondering where I wanted my new home to be. Since Etsy has lost all it's attraction for me. Take my poll to the right there ==> and help me decide.

a comment for a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes!! Woohoo! ( I reserve the right to substitute the prizes. Especially if someone buys it before it's won! But either way, I'll make sure you are happy, or close to it.)


Deb DiSalvo said...

So, you switched over to the dark side, eh? LOL! Believe me, I've considered it. SLOOOOW sales on etsy - I'm not even trying at the moment. Keep me posted on artfire and let me know how it goes.

Christie Cottage said...

I wish you tons of success on artfire. I know many other shops who are trying it out too. I haven't leaped yet!

I'll just hang out on etsy

Ambient Lights said...

Hey Jamie, per the votes you're 50/50 for ArtFire and Etsy right now lol. You already know what my plan is (keep both for now but push AF more and see how it all goes) =)

PS If I win, I would be happy w/ anything you send b/c you have awesome items! :D

jennuinecandles said...

I voted! Now that it's been a couple of months...I would say you are liking your new home. :-)


Silver River Jewelry said...

You already know how I feel so it shouldn't be a surprise that I say go with Artfire lol!

HaffinaCreations said...

Go with ArtFire! :)

Arlene said...

Hi! I love Artfire, and I don't even have an Etsy site any more. I did a couple of years ago. I voted for AF - I see you have already set up there, and I love your stuff. Count me in for the drawing / giveaway! Thanks!

Cat said...

As I am member of such a great Etsy team I haven't found the way out there (actually not that long ago found the way in). Yet. I also have a studio on AF, though. I'd say go for AF.

Won't even post my DaWanda shop *lol* Just wanted to show you how indecisive I am ....

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