April 20, 2009


I have been poking around the Internet and trying to decide where I want to be. More is better, from what I've heard. But it is also time consuming, and stressful.

Etsy was enough for me when I was first starting out. It kept me busy and happy. But as it grew so did the amount of sellers, and so did the egos and tempers and attitude. Chatting in the forums brought a lot of visitors to my shop. But the volume of people joining Etsy also brought with it a huge attitude that was far from friendly. Also, it's hard to keep your items on top unless you have the ability to list an item every 2-3 hours. Which I don't.

A once restful place to chat and ask questions became a playground for bullies and queen bees. Snobbery and snipping was (is) everywhere. People became afraid to ask a question or make a comment. It was like high school all over again! I kept out of the forums, and that, along with my inability to make and list beads during the winter months, brought on a sort of withdrawal and depression as my shop sat lonely with few visitors and buyers.

To fill the void I started a web search for new homes for my goodies. I've found a couple, and have some new favorites. Now I have to decide what it is that I'd like to do. So far, my plan is to sell my completed jewelry pieces and pendants on www.glasstastictreasures.1000marktes.com.

My beads and A la Carte pendants/necklaces are still on Etsy. I've tried to switch over to Handmade Fuzion, but they just don't have the traffic they did when they first started. And the economy isn't helping at all. I also have a shop on Shophandmade.com, sold one item and was ecstatic, but I don't see that venue as being the place for me, so I will close that one down as well.

Coming soon: Artfire? Still thinking about this one.

So, in short, I am on the hunt for a new home to share my bead and A la Carte goodies with everyone. I'd love to hear all comments and suggestions!


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