May 19, 2009

Got Paper?

Well, you ain't got the good stuff if you ain't got none of this here!

I love the designs and papers that this crafter uses! So cute, and simply sweet. First thing I thought of when I saw these awesome little matchbook-style notebooks is "what a great idea for gifts for my customers!" Wouldn't you love to open your shipment from your ArtFire purchase and find an adorable little matchbook notebook? I know I would!

Marketing isn't just about the advertisement. Us gals love STUFF. And Pampered Papier has some awesome stuff, at that! Not only could you add a little giftie of the notebook, but you could add a little gift tag to the package. Your customer could use it one their next gift to someone special. Or those note cards would be the cutest little thank you note, tucked neatly in your customers order. Just those fun little pictures say "Hey, I think you're special!" And...they're a write off for your business. How cool is that!!

But hey, don't think you have to use them just for your business. Nope, nope, nope! I love these little notebooks. Do you ever find yourself rummaging through your purse or car, looking for paper? Only to have to write a note on that gas station receipt, and then you poke a hole in it with your pen, and then it rips, and then you're all mad and you crash into something because you were driving and writing, even though you shouldn't have been? Well, none of that would have happened if you had this handy little notebook!!

(or these)

So, click on Pampered Papier's banner above and give her cute little shop a visit! You won't be sorry you did. Neither will your customers, or your friends, or your mother-in-law! What are you waiting for, git going!! Enjoy :)


agoodwitchtoo said...

Wow! Pampered Papier has some amazing creations!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Love your write up! And your blog design is sooo cute!

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