May 28, 2009

I have the BEST news EVER!! Really, I do...

First, let me introduce you to my new Fusion Studio Page on ArtFire! Isn't it awesome? You may be asking what is so awesome about that. Well, let me tell you! It's completely customizable.
  1. That cool banner, I made it.

  2. That awesome color scheme, I chose it!

  3. The stylin' layout, my design!

  4. We can add html codes. Yep, I have an awesome slide show right on my front page!! Wanna see it? Just click on my shop picture above, and scroll down to the bottom of the page!

And why am I telling you about my awesome new Studio Page? First, because I'm so frickin proud if it, and second, you can have your very own awesome ArtFire Fusion Studio Page! So click the link at the top right of the page, right there, and sign up today. Don't wait and don't hesitate, because the $12 per month fee is for a limited time only. So lock in now at this great rate! CLICK IT!! (please use the link on the top right as this will have my tracking info so I get credit, and please contact me via ArtFire message so I can make sure you are listed under my name! thanks!!)

Wouldn't you love to have a really cool looking website like mine? ArtFire has made this so much fun, it's better then having your own webstie. And you have no maintenance and no worries. Let them deal with that!

Think about how $12.00 a month can be so worth the price: How much money do you spend listing and relisting on other sites, and then have to pay selling fees? A lot! How often do your items show up on the front page? Probably never. At ArtFire the new listings show on the front page. And items show up in RANDOM order, not 15 minutes after you listed your item...and then it's already on page 15 by the time it shows up!! And there are no fee for sold items!

Check my shop, look around. I love the potential ArtFire has for us as sellers. And how fun to be able to customize my shop and make it my very own! Check out the other ArtFire shops on Flickr, and see what you could do with your Fusion Studio!

I would love to have a Free Ride for life, wouldn't you? So here's the deal. Sign up for a Verified Account by clicking the link above. I will give you one awesome bead or pendant from my shop! Yep, that's right, my gift to you. Once I have 12 sign ups I will be eligible for a Free Ride, and will randomly chose one of you to also receive a Free Ride! How cool is that? (Free ride is contingent on me being able to obtain 12 sign ups!)

Also, think about this - once you sign up you can also recruit people and earn your own Free Ride. Or you can help me get more recruits. We could all be riding for FREE! Woohoo!!

If I am able to get 12 sign ups, and I will be trying my hardest, I will be able to choose one of you to also get a Free Ride. It will be a random drawing, and you will be able to earn tickets to put into the hat, literally, I have a hat! Here's how to earn tickets:

  • Sign up under me = 2 tickets for you

  • Blog about my free ride = 1 ticket for you

  • Have someone contact me with questions = 1 ticket for you (have them mention your name)

  • Recommend someone to sign up under me = 2 tickets for them and 3 more for you (you'll have to let me know who you have sign up under me so I know)

The more tickets you earn, the better your chances to win a Free Ride once I do! Now, remember, I need to get 12 people to sign up for verified shops, and I will be doing my best to get them. But I can't make any guarantees. I can, however, give you that free gift, and you will be happy with your new ArtFire Fusion Studio! That I can guarantee.

See you there! For more info about what ArtFire has to offer, keep reading....

(Edited 6/27/09 to add: PLEASE remember that you have to be a completely NEW ArtFire member to qualify. Sorry, you cannot be a basic member moving to verified. ALSO, leave a comment on this blog or send me an ArtFire message because I don't see WHO signs up under me, just that someone has!!)

Website Features: Take control of your brand!

No Listing or Final Fees
Flexibility of Design
Control over Content
Stability from uncertainty
Custom Features
Personalized Brand
Business Legitimacy
Custom URL/Domain

Venue Features: Yep, we can do all this too!

Filtered Focused Traffic
Quick, Easy Set-up
Management Tools
Technical Support
Business Support
Feedback System
Credibility of Venue
Familiar Buyer Checkout
SEO Optimized / Feeds
Promotional Tools
Community Interaction

More info:
-Payment Processor Interface
-Best in Class Site Search
-Statistics & Management Tools
-Feedback & Credibility System
-Consistent Buyer Experience
-Automatic Google Shopping Feed
-SEO Optimized Studio & Listings
-Built in Free Promotion Tools
-Site Advertising Options
-Custom Order System
-Optional Make an Offer Feature
-Responsive Customer Service
-Technical Support Team
-One Page Easy Listing Process
-"No Sign-Up" Buyer Checkout
-Seller Vacation & Sales Modes
-1-Button Re-list & Multiple Qty
-Automatic Currency Converter
-No Link-out Restrictions
-Custom HTML Widgets
-Remote Checkout Feature
-Handmade Shopping Destination
-Unique Shopping Features
-Thriving Interactive Community
-Co-op Artisan Guild Markets
-ArtiFact Recognition Program
-No Listing or Final Value Fees
-No Picture or Hidden Fees
-No Fuss, Flat Monthly Fee
-No Long Term Contracts

1 comment:

Carey Lynn said...

This post is full of great info! I was just redesigning my studio and looking around the new AF shops, and I love what you've done with the place:)

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