May 20, 2009

Let's Go On A Treasure Hunt Together!

Doesn't that sound like fun! It does to me. Come and join me this Saturday in my ArtFire shop for an awesomely cool spectaculoso treasure hunt.

Here's how it will work...I'll bury a treasure somewhere in my ArtFire shop, and you have to dig it up. No shovel required, just your eyeballs!

The treasure you are searching for will actually be picture of a treasure chest. You need to find that in one of my listings. It will either be one of the pictures itself, or it will be hidden inside one of the pictures. I haven't quite decided yet, but feel free to comment and let me know :)

Your treasure will be an awesome spectaculoso gift from me! Just ask my dear friend Verna. She visited my Artfire shop and was the first person to make a purchase, and I gave her a gift of one awesome hot pink handmade lampwork bead and one cute little fairy pendant. Which she loved, by the way! Thanks Verna!!

While I'm chattering about my shop, let me add that I charge a very minimal shipping fee of under $2.50, no matter how many items you buy. Why? Because I can! lol Sassy, aren't I?

If you have any questions, please ask here, I'll be happy to answer them for you!

And, if you don't mind, I'd love to tell you my future plans for Glasstastic Treasures. As you may know, I have been searching for a new home for selling my items. Etsy has grown in popularity and size. But with that comes the added responsibility of having to list and relist my items just to get noticed. That means I have to pass the cost on to you, my customer, by raising my prices so I can pay all the fees I have to pay Etsy and PayPal.

So, I've hunted high and low, and finally found a site that drives traffic to my shop, and I don't have to list and relist to get my items seen. That venue is ArtFire. I love it. It's fun, friendly, and colorful on the eye. AND, they're going to let us customize our shops with awesome cool colors. We get to be unique and individual! How great is that?

I pay one low fee per month to list, and I can list and list and list. Nothing else. So I don't have to add fees to my items. All I have to do is make that one extra sale to cover my costs! Yahoo!!

And, even better is the fact that ArtFire offers a 28 second check out. No need to sign up for an account, or sign in. Just click and buy, pay and run. Zippity doo dah, you're all done. Check it out below. I know Verna used it. And she didn't have any complaints! (Waves to Verna)

So, come help me pay my first month's rent, hehe, buy something great for yourself, and get something great from me! See you there, this Saturday!!

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