May 10, 2009


I love taking a leisurely stroll through peoples shops. I found an amazing photographer, Lori Mackay, who owns Little Odd Me! on 1000 Markets.

She has the most amazing series of photo art called Frost. Like the one to the right. The beauty is supplied my mother nature, but the art is supplied by Lori! During my visit through Lori's shop I scroll down through beautiful blooms, wondrous frosts, gorgeous scenery, and then...WHAM!

SPIDERS!! That's right, spiders! Right there, right in my face, no warning, no nothing!! I can't even post a pic to it, I may have a heart attack. But feel free to click on that link and go take a peek if you are brave enough.

Well, of course I was traumatized. I mean, just the day before I had had a battle in my shower with the biggest spider EVER! Seriously, that thing was like a quarter inch across, if not a FOOT!

So, quickly I scrolled down and managed to calm my heart rate a bit with more calming pictures while chanting: I am in tranquility, I am in tranquility, I am in tranquility.

Whew, I was feeling better!!

And then I ran across a picture of my house! Who'd know that she would take a picture of my future house! I mean, I didn't even know I was going to buy it until I saw it! Check it out...

And then! MORE SPIDERS!! ACK!! So, now I'm all creepy crawly, and my nerves are on edge. But it was sure a great experience to go through Lori's shop and see her beautiful work.

But seriously, those gross arachnid thingies are amazing creatures. Don't get me wrong. They eat other nasty bugs, which don't gross me out by the way. And they can make amazingly strong fibers which come out of their rear ends, of all places! If we could harness that ability, imagine where the world would be. And how much money we'd save on panty hose!!

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LittleOddMe said...

LMAO!!! I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh. If it helps, the first spider you probably saw is so tiny I could fit eight of him just on my little fingernail. I just enjoy doing perspectives that make them look HUGE!!!

Did you see the one I took that makes the spider look like it's about to eat that house?

Ahem. I'm sorry. You are in tranquility, you are in tranquility.

Well I'm glad you loved my photographs, even if you were traumatized in the process! :)

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