June 16, 2009

Crazy Train Rides Again!

The Crazy Train has Kay Sommers of Popnicute as the featured rider! You have got to see these items. They are amazing! And when you scroll down her shop page, I'm betting your eyes will fall on this sweet piece of eye candy. Made with Soo Chow Jade teardrops,
this is one stunning necklace.

Kay also has some pretty cool tutorials. I love these, and I just happen to have some copper wire. Hmm....I think I need that! lol

So come on and visit Popnicute, you know you want to!


jennuinecandles said...

She has absolutely beautiful jewelry!


Kay Sommers said...

Thank you for the plug! I've added this post to my blog list as well :D

WillowWalker said...

I'm giving you a blogger award you can view it here

Feel free to accept it or not, your choice.

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