June 06, 2009

Mystical and Magical

Those are the words I use to describe KabiDesigns ArtFire shop! And her banner shows a wonderful example of what is inside! Let's go take a stroll, shall we?

This is my favorite piece, and the first one to catch my eye. Blues and purples are so beautiful together. I know this piece is titled Dragon Fly, but the colors are beautifully reminiscent of the damselfly, and so close to what mother nature designed. And what attention to detail! Just look at those wings! Wow.

These items are all done in polymer clay. Wow, have things changed! Who knew that one day we'd be able to make art of out clay!

This is another of my favorites. I love the rich earthy colors. I had to add it to my ArtFire hotlist! After all, I have a birthday coming! lol

Boy, I tell you what! All these beautiful pieces make me want to go out and buy some clay. But I think I'll stick to flames and glass. And leave all this gorgeous detail up to the true polymer clay artists.

Please visit KabiDesigns. You won't be disappointed :)

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