June 11, 2009

Oh no, scary!! Hide under the covers!

Halloween is coming! I know, summer doesn't even seem like it's here yet. But for you jewelry designers, you know that now is the time to get your beadies for Halloween.

I love creating Halloween beads. They're so much fun to make. And you can see from each bead that I love the humor in life, and that humor is captured in each bead I make.

So, whether you are a collector of lampwork, a jewelry designer, or just someone who thinks they'd really like to have one, visit my ArtFire shop and check out what I have. Remember, I love to do custom orders, too! So check out my Gallery to see what's already been sold, I can make you one too!

And, just a reminder, if you do find a bead you like but don't make jewelry, I'd be happy to create a pendant for you! I can do it all :)

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