June 11, 2009

Simply Beautiful

I'd like to introduce you to Ellyloo! I chatted with her briefly on Twitter, and had to visit her shop. Not only does she have some wonderful beads, but look at that cute Avatar!

I've made these beads before, and although they are fun to do, and beautiful to look at, you have to have a fair amount of patience to keep those little flowers looking so good. I'm very impatient. I like to melt everything as quickly as I can. And that's not good for this type of bead!

So I tilt my hat to you, Ellyloo. Awesome beads! Go visit Ellyloo and get yourself some goodies!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love her beads! And I'm in awe of ALL of you who can make beads!

jennuinecandles said...

You have been awarded "The Lovely Blog Award"


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