December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

The end of the year is full of holidays, and always a time to remember what you are thankful for in your life. Over the years my family has grown with my internet friends, and I am very grateful for that. I'm also grateful for my business and the fun it's been.

I would also like to thank all my customers for their support. And I wish everyone out there in this big wide world a joyous and peaceful season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2010

The1st Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

On the 1st day of Christmas Glasstastic Treasures gives to you a great deal on this Tourmaine Gemstone Copper Wire Worked NecklacedRead more here about the 12 Days of Chirstmas Deals.

I love gemstones and copper.  And tourmaline is one of my favorite gemstones.  Actually, I say that about almost every gemstone.  But I do love the browns, greens and pinks of mixed tourmaline.

This is a unique handmade item, and only one is available, so hurry on over.

For today only (12/24/10) you can purchase this great bead at 50% off. Use coupon code 1STDAY during check out! Happy shopping!

December 23, 2010

The 2nd Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

On the 2nd day of Christmas Glasstastic Treasures gives to you a great deal on this Penguin Lampwork Bead. Read more here.

Dichroic glass is so beautiful.  It's reflective and vibrant with all the colors of the rainbow flashing in the light.

 For today only (12/23/10) you can purchase this great bead at 50% off. Use coupon code 2NDDAY during check out! Only one available, so hurry in.  Happy shopping!

December 22, 2010

The 3rd Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

On the 3rd day of Christmas Glasstastic Treasures gives to you a great deal on this Penguin Lampwork Bead. Read more here.

This lampwork beads capped with gunmetal remind me of little flowers a pixie would pick while flitting around the sunny fields.  Made with really cool miracle beads that are little colored light reflecting beads.

For today only (12/22/10) you can purchase this great bead at 50% off. Use coupon code 3RDDAY during check out! Only one pair available, so don't wait.  Happy shopping!

December 21, 2010

The 4th Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

On the 4th day of Christmas Glasstastic Treasures gives to you a great deal on this One Perfect Changeable Necklace for Lampwork Beads.  Read more here.

This great necklace is all you need to wear your really awesome lampwork beads every day.  Simply unscrew the bead post and add different bead(s).  A new look every day!

For today only (12/21/10) you can purchase this great bead at 50% off. Use coupon code 4THDAY during check out! Happy shopping!

December 20, 2010

The 5th Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

On the 5th day of Christmas Glasstastic Treasures gives to you a great deal on this Penguin Lampwork Bead. Read more here.

 For today only (12/20/10) you can purchase this great bead at 50% off. Use coupon code 5THDAY during check out! Happy shopping!

December 19, 2010

The 6th Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

On the 6th day of Christmas Glasstastic Treasures gives to you a great deal on this Amethyst Wiggle Lampwork Bead. Read more here.

For today only (12/19/10) you can purchase this great bead at 50% off. Use coupon code 6THDAY during check out! Happy shopping!

December 18, 2010

The 7th Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

On the 7th day of Christmas Glasstastic Treasures gives to you a great deal on this Choose To Be A Survivor Key Chain. Read more here.

This would be the perfect gift for someone who has survived breast cancer. Or a great remembrance for someone who had a loved one who did not survive.
Use coupon code 7thday to get 50% off this very special item, for today only!

December 17, 2010

The 8th Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

And on the 8th day of Christmas Glasstastic gave to me....A Flower Garden to wear! Read all about it here.

This bead is made with an implossion technique where colored glass is added to one side of a disk bead, then slowly melted so the clear glass surrounds the colored glass and pulls it into petals or leaf shapes.  This is a really fun technique and can be really interesting with multiple colors.

Now is your chance to get this great necklace for half price.  Use coupon code 8thday to save 50% today only.

December 16, 2010

The 9th Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

And on the 9th day of Christmas Glasstastic Treasures gave this great "wiggle" of a deal! Read all about it here.

I love Raku glass. It has such beautiful colors that the heat pulls out. Every time I use it I get different results and it's so fascinating!

Now you can have this wonderful bead for 50% off, use coupon code 9thday. Enjoy!

December 15, 2010

The 10th Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

And on the 10th day of Christmas, Glasstastic Treasures gave to you....this great item at 50% off. Read all about it here.

Today's item is so dang cute! So cute I bet it won't last til lunch time (hint hint). Save 50% off this item with coupon code 10thday. Remember, each item is only available at this discount for the day it is offered.

So go, go now (Arnold impersonation).

December 14, 2010

The 11th Day Of Christmas Specials Count Down

And we're working our way down the list of specials. Read all about it here.

I know, we're supposed to work our way up. But I posted the first blog post from work, and well....was in a bit of a hurry. lol And, it is a count "down" so we'll go down the list.

Todays hot holiday special is ready. So whether you are naughty or nice you'll love this special (this is your hint!). Use coupon code 11thday to save 50% on today's great item.

December 13, 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas Specials

Each day until Christmas I'll have one item available at half price! How will you know which one? Well, that's up to you to find out! I can't make it too easy on you, now can I? Maybe I'll give a hint, maybe not. And the items won't always be Christmas related. The closer we get to Christmas day the more items I'll post that are not theme related.

So, to start it all out today I'll give you a direct link! Use coupon code 12THDAY to get the below item for half price! Only one item will be available per day, so hurry in! Check my blog often, and wait for the post!

Every day I'll post the coupon code and maybe a hint so you can find the item and get a great deal. I can't guarantee the item will make it to your house by Christmas as this is a very busy time of year for the Postal Service. However, if you want to upgrade to Priority mail it's only another $2.55 (added on to the already $2.50 shipping charge: total $5.05 priority for a bubble mailer envelope). Just message me after your purchase and I'll send you an invoice for the extra fee. I'm glad to help, and this is the best way to ensure your item reaches you before Christmas.

I also have a free upgrade to priority in my shop if you purchase $25 or more. You can only use one coupone code at a time, so just message me and I'll know your $25 purchase needs to be shipped via priority mail!

December 10, 2010

"It Wasn't Me...They Did It!"

"Warning....lengthy post about businesses who won't take any responsibility for anything....with colorful adjectives, deep anger and light humor. Read on if you dare!

This last week has been one of the most stressful and annoying weeks I can remember. And the worst part is that not one person bothered to help me. Well, that's not true, I had someone say they were helping, but where they really?

It all started the week of Thanksgiving. A time when you get to reflect your life and be thankful for what you have. That's all good, I'm thankful for a lot of stuff. But I'm also very irritated by a few things as well.

The first thing that went wrong was having half of my grand daughter's fund raiser items disappearing from the school gymnasium while members of the PTA, who sponsored and organized the fund raiser, supervised the order pick up. Okay, no problem they said. All you have to do is this....blah blah blah. This was November 23rd. Uhm, excuse me! YOU lost my items, don't you thing that YOU should take care of this????? I guess not!

Well, guess what! It's now December 10th and I still do not have my missing items. It took the school over a week to find the order form, and then multiple calls to the fundraiser center to get everything straightened out. And quite honestly, I can't understand how the fundraiser company is still in business the way they run things there! I was missing paper items and they called me 3 days AFTER I reordered the missing items to ask for my address to ship the food in dry ice. WHAT??? Even better news....the paper goods are all out of stock. Fricking NICE!! (excuse my language).

Okay, well, hopefully they have that straightened out. I was told I should have just let them send me the food again, but it was $100 or so worth, and I couldn't do that in good conscience. And my philosophy is that if you are good, then good things will happen. I'm starting to rethink that theory!

The second disaster was on November 24th I mailed 2 orders and 1 give away from my job. I found out a week later from a new customer that her order had not arrived. Sure enough, a quick check with USPS verified no delivery. Oh oh, I'd better check the other two. No delivery. OH MY GOD!!! **really, at this time I was praying out loud**

I call the PO-they say they never received it. I asked about the tracking numbers. Here's the gist of the conversation:
  • PO: Oh, those are only scanned at the receiving post office.
  • ME: ah, that doesn't seem like a very good idea since the package is being tracked. How do you prove it's been picked up.
  • PO: yes, this is a complaint we get a lot of, And we will be changing this in the future. If you bring your package to a window, they'll scan it, but if it's not dropped off with a postal worker it won't be scanned. Let me put you on hold why I check something.
  • ME: **waiting....waiting***
  • PO: Um, yes, your office is in charge of picking up and delivering your mail to the post office, so check with them.
  • ME: **great!**
So, I go to my mail room at work.
  • Me: Hi, I dropped off three packages for mailing all three are lost, can you look around and see if they fell out of the bucket somewhere?
  • Dude: They aren't here. All we do is gather it to be picked up by a third party. You'll need to call them.
  • ME: Well, could it have fallen out of the bin? Could it have fallen behind something somewhere?
  • Dude: No.
Again-fricking NICE!!!! Thanks a lot you lazy

So, I call the delivery company, the lady is nice, and concerned, just like the post office lady. Which makes me feel better. And she takes some info and will call me back. Well, she calls back and asks about the packages-again.
  • Gal: OH, I was looking for white envelopes.
  • Me: ugh
  • Gal: Well, we've looked all over, and have gone through some of the security footage and we can't find anything. I've talked to everyone here except one person. I'll talk to him and call you back.
That was two days ago. I'm still waiting. Like hubby says: she said she was doing all that stuff, but did she really do it? Probably not.

One of the packages was a very important brain bead made as a custom order for a lady whose friend was having brain surgery. Now that's important. So I contact her, make another item and ship it out priority on Tuesday. And this time I dropped it in the mail box AT the post office.

Three days later, that package is still not showing as tracked. Priority is supposed to be THREE day delivery. So, I call the receiving post office. Again, the lady is very helpful, yet has no idea where the package is.
  • Me: Today is the 3rd day, it should be delivered today and it should be scanned as received.
  • PO: This is a really really busy time of year and we're doing everything we can to get his mail sorted and delivered. I'm sure it's here, but it won't be scanned until tomorrow. Check then and call back if you don't see it.
  • ME: **really mad so I don't want to say "I paid for three day delivery, NOT four day", but I keep my mouth shut**
Luckily it showed up this morning and is noted as being delivered today. I should make a screen print of that, just in case. Stranger things have happened, and this fiasco is so messed up that I wouldn't be surprised.

Well, that's my messed up life's story of the start of the holiday season. Yay me! Oh, and today I get to go get "retakes" of my right side mammogram. Can it get worse then this? Let's hope not. Okay, I'm done whining now! Thanks for listening!

By the way, one of the other lost packages is being delivered today. Wish me luck on the third replaced item.

GOOD NEWS: My mammo is fine, they couldn't anything! whew!

December 05, 2010

Winners Of The Where Is Santa

We have the winners for the Search for Santa Contest!! Whoohoo!!

1st Prize : a shopping spree on Artfire for 300$ is for  Michael from Florida

2nd Prize : a shopping spree on Artfire for 150$ is for   Erin G. from Massachusetts

3rd Prize : a shopping spree on Artfire for 100$ is for   Linda H. from Florida

Congrats to the winners.  Have fun shopping on ArtFire! 

December 04, 2010

I Am Such A Slacker!

I have to apologize for being such a slacker. And I have to admit that sometimes I make bad decisions.  So now you're probably wondering what I'm talking about.

I came across a blog one day and noticed that they didn't do new blog posts to announce winners.  Instead they just posted at the top of the original blog post who the winner was, and that was it.  Well, I thought "what a time saver!"  So I did that same thing with my last give away.

Then, as time went on, the more I thought about it the more impersonal it felt, and wrong!  So I would like to apologize for being a slacker.  I should really follow my instinct and do what I know is right.

So, with that, I'd like to make an official announcement that Star from ColtPixy was the winner of the Beary Cute Giveaway.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  I love doing give aways.   Stay tuned for more.....

November 21, 2010

Get Ready, Get Set, Shop!

Holiday shopping can be fun. But shopping crowds are not!

I am not a Black Friday shopper. But I am a Cyber Monday shopper!! I love shopping online. I can sit at my computer with my coffee and my mouse and click on all sort of cyber goodness. As a matter of fact I just found a couple more items to put on my list...for myself!

Love these ceramic coasters by tscrapper

Aren't these hand dyed silk ribbons yummy? These are by flamekissedartglassII

Here's some yummy goodness to make my doggie smell better by essensu

And this delicious jewelry by MzzThang of Fo Shizzle Designs. WANT!!!!

Anyway, enough dreaming and lip-licking. If you need unique gifts for your family and friends, I have some great ideas in my Studio at GlasstasticTreasures. I make lampwork beads, but that isn't all. I also make jewelry from them. I have items ready to go, like this great Christmas Light Necklace:

Or, you can choose your bead and an option to make it into something special. I offer keychains, necklaces, cell phone charms, you name it, I'll fix it up for you.

How about this little cutie on this necklace! Perfect!!

Want to know something else? I offer a flat rate shipping fee for all purchases. That's right. Your full order will be shipped for $2.50 or less, depending on whether you buy beads or jewelry! Oh, and even better, check out my coupon codes below. You can save up to 20%, depending on order total.

So shop now and save. This special is going on now through Cyber Monday, November 29th!

SAVE 10.00 % On Order Total (orders above $20.00)
Use Coupon Code:
during checkout.

SAVE 20.00 % On Order Total (orders above $40.00)
Use Coupon Code:
during checkout.

November 14, 2010

A Beary Cute Give-Away

This giveaway is closed: chose #1 and Coltpixy won!!
This super cute Polar Bear Purse Charm will look great adorning your purse this winter season! The polar bead lampwork bead is handmade by me. Created with sturdy metal findings and a nice big toggle clasp, this charm will fit any purse.

A round keyring is included just in case you need something extra to attach it to your purse. You can also use this Beary Cute Charm as a keychain, a zipper pull, or clip to your belt loop for a cool change of pace!


Complete one or more of the following to be for eligible chances in the drawing for the above Bear Cute Purse Charm. Post a comment here for each requirement completed with links. Up to six entries are possible. Drawing will be held on November 21st.
  1. Follow my blog: post one comment
  2. "Like" me on Facebook: post one comment with your facebook name/link
  3. Follow me on Twitter: post one comment with your Twitter name/link
  4. Visit My Studio and post a link to your favorite item and tell my why you like it
  5. Write a blog post about my give away: post one comment with link\
Bonus Entry:
  • Recommend me to a friend and have them follow my blog: post a comment with their blogger name/link (Your friend must follow my blog for you to qualify for this bonus entry)
**Edited to add: For example, to get six entries you'll need to have six separate comments.


You must complete at least one of the requirements to be entered into this drawing. Each requirement listed above gives you one entry, with a total of six entries are possible. A winner will be chosen using No substitutes are available, the winner will receive the prize pictured above. The winner will have one week (7 days) to contact me with shipping instructions, or they will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be chosen.

These rules are subject to change, but most likely will not.

October 27, 2010

Win A Great ArtFire Shopping Spree For Christmas!

I know, I said it: Christmas!!  It's just around the corner.  Seems like just yesterday I was packing up that darn tree.  Now it's almost time to take it out again.

Well, don't worry, there's still time for that.  Better yet, how about thinking about some holiday shopping instead! And what could be better then a FREE shopping spree.

Some great ArtFire Studios have gotten together to have a great contest to Find Santa and win some spending cash on ArtFire.  The best part is that you can find really great handmade items that are so totally unique that you may want to keep them all to yourself ;)

Click here for the rules and entry form.  And don't forget to scroll down the whole page and visit the great sponsors for this wonderful Shopping Spree!

October 24, 2010

Plurking Is Cool

Plurk is a cool social networking site where my online friends go to chat, brainstorm, promote, and have fun.  Here's a list of their online presence, please visit them and see what great things they've been up to.
No Particular Order:

Mama's Little Monkeys and Other Personalities

Sunny Days Embroidery/Aunti Franni:

28Sides Designs

Designs of Avalon:


Butterfly Crafts:
Simply Smiss

C Turtlez Oddz n Endz


Stitches in Cotton

SewHappy Designs

Positively Charming Things

October 22, 2010

All Wired Up

And not just on coffee.  On wire, real wire! Mainly copper.  I love copper for it's earthy color and feeling.  Yes, I do believe copper "feels" earthy! lol

Coil wrapping always baffled me.  I always wondered how can that fine and flimsy wire stay wrapped on the fatter wire? How?  Well, instead of wondering I would just have to give it a try.  And from this came the above pendant.  I am so happy with it.  And best of all, I now know the wire will be perfectly fine, and once it's wrapped it's no longer flimsy!

I am off to get all wired up again. I have a cool tutorial waiting for me.  Stay tuned for more!

October 13, 2010

Did I Forget to Mention this?

Yep, I did. Sorry about that. But I'm here now to let you know that I have marked down my Halloween lampwork 20%, and the Halloween Jewelry and lined BHBeads are marked down 10%!

That's right. So now is the perfect time to stock up on those ghoulish beads and goodies you've had your eye one for some time now. Click here to go shopping!

October 09, 2010

Halloween Ghoulishness And Fall Fun

This is my favorite time of year to make lampwork beads. The colors, the whimsy, and the Halloween fun! I know I say every season is my favorite. And I guess that's true. But Halloween has a little extra special something.

This time of year I can let my freaky morbid side show with my finger beads! Totally gross, yet oh so fun. Now there's a twist on "lady fingers", lol. Or, how about some eyeballs. Every wish you had an extra set of eyes?

I've posted some of my ghoulish goodies below. Along with some great fall themed goodies. Enjoy!
Visit my shop to purchase any of these cool items!

October 03, 2010

What A Great Surprise!

Today I received my email newsletter for Artizen Magazine. It's a really cool ezine featuring all sorts of great artizens. And it's a lot of fun to read, especially since you can just click on a picture and go right to that site, page or item. I love ezines! (I really need a bigger monitor though! lol)

Well, imagine my surprise when I flipped to page 26 and found THIS (go to page 26)! Look, it's ME!!! What a thrill, I'm so excited and honored to be featured in this really great ezine. And what a great write up! I love love love Halloween and this is a really great issue.

One note: My business name, in full, is GlasstasticTreasures. Part of my name was left off, and I want to mention this because there's a really great stained glass artisan who has the name Glasstastic. So please don't get the two of us confused! ;)

Thank you Artizen Magazine! And the rest of you-go sign up for this great ezine!

September 30, 2010

What's With All The Smooshing?

Smooshing, not to be confused with mooshy, mushy or smushy, is a great group of Polymer Clay artisans from who have named their group Polymer Clay Smooshers.  And you got it, they smoosh clay.  Doesn't that sound like fun?

The Smooshers have a great Masquerade Clay Ball going on soon. It's going to be totally awesome.  So check out their blog on October 1st for more details! Hey, that's tomorrow already! Whoa!

Check out this Smooshers bracelet that you could win!  It's from HaffinaCreations!  Hey, there's still time to blog and enter the contest, so let's go!!

Wow, Pouchees ROCK!

These awesome Aussie Pouchees are the bomb!  I read about it on Menopausal New Mom's blog.  That blog rocks too :D  So git on over to Menopausal New Mom's and check out this great giveaway.  Go, now!!

September 27, 2010

Ever Wonder How To Core A Lampwork Bead?

I found this great video on how to use the Impress Bead Coring tool to line beads with silver, copper and even brass. I have this liner and it's a lot of fun to use.

Thanks Heather, for the great video. Please see Heather's Blog!

September 24, 2010

Great News: The ArtFire Pro Deal Is On!

Yep, it's true.  With all the changes that have happened in such a short time concerning online selling, AftFire admin crunched the numbers and decided they were going to go ahead with the Pro Deal.  So now instead of having to have 20k sign ups they're going to go with the Pro Deal October 1st!!

So if you sell online and have been on the fence about whether or not you want to try ArtFire now is you chance.  At just $5.95 per month you can list and sell unlimited creations!! No other hidden fees.  How cool is that?

So click the picture above.  What are you waiting for?

September 17, 2010

Everybody Loves To Win Prizes, Right?!

I know I do.  And ArtFire is giving away a ton of prizes for helping spread the word about the Pro Deal!!  ArtFire is offering the opportunity to sign up for a studio for just $5.95 a month! There are great seller tools, options for coupons, sales mode, and more cool stuff.

And September 20th one lucky AF person can win this Cannon camera!  Wow, I was so excited when I heard about this giveaway. I'd love a new camera!!  And you can win too. Help spread the word about ArtFire's Pro Deal and you could get this sweet camera ;)  Click here for all the details on how to win!
But wait! That's not all. ArtFire has all kinds of great prizes during their Pro Deal giveaways!  So if you're an online seller of handmade goods, then not only could you win fabulous prizes, but you can also get a monthly membership for a great studio on ArtFire for under $6!! Woohoo! 

I know a lot of people have questioned how this Pro Deal works.  You sign up now to commit to the $5.95/month fee.  If ArtFire gets at least 20,000 sign ups the deal is on.  If not, your current subscription will not change.  So if you are a basic member, you remain a basic member.  If you have a current subscription at a specific rate, it would stay at that rate.
But this is such a great deal I known we'll get there.  And some wonderful people will win some great prizes too!

September 15, 2010

Want To Go Pro For Only $5.95? I Sure Do!


Sorry for the copy/paste.  But what more can I say? lol  ArtFire is my favorite venue, I've been very happy there.  You will be too.  So click here to find out more!

September 06, 2010

What I Did Today - Halloween Style

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I'm not a fan of hot weather, so when it cools down I'm happy. I love the rich fall colors of browns, oranges and yellows.  But most of all I love Halloween and all the cool stuff I can make into beads.

Yesterday my imagination was full of mummies, skulls, cauldrons and pumpkins!  My new favorites are the skulls. I think I might have to make those year round.  Just add some seasonal embellishments and girly colors and voila! I mean, who doesn't love a skull with a cutesy bow on it's head? lol

I also made a couple of bhb (big hole beads) for Pandora, Biagi and Trollbeads bracelets. They turned out really nice.  But my favorite is the one with the yellow flower on it's head.

I have more ideas then time.  I could be at the torch all day and not run out of ideas.  Too bad my day job takes up most of my time. Ah well, such is life.

Don't forget, I enjoy making custom orders, so if you'd like something special just let me know.

September 05, 2010

Crackers Aren't Just For Cheese Spread!

I'd like to warn you that the POLYMERCLAYLAND blog is a content thief! I'm starting with this line because this is the line that will show up on Google searches and the "spiders" out searching for info will "crawl" this line first. I want everyone to know there is another kind of "thief" out there. Read on....

According to Associated Content, quote: ' "Crackers", in the computer world, are those who use their hacking knowledge for malicious purposes.' I'm going to use this definition because some "crackers" are stealing SEO. And whether or not SEO is a tangible item, it's still stealing.

In the handmade world we work doubly hard to earn our Google ranking in the SEO world. It takes a lot of time and effort. People selling handmade are trying to make a living doing what they love, and the work they do is very personal and close to their hearts. And to have someone come in and STEAL their hard earned SEO by stealing blog posts and such is just wrong and unethical.

Learn more from Tina Holden who found out her hard earned SEO was stolen by a cracker who is now making money off their clicks by reposting her blog posts. Surfers think they're going to her blog, but they're really going to a bogus blog who is stealing her blog posts word for word, and only replacing the pictures. Not cool!

I think it's always a good idea to Google yourself now and then. It's fun to see where you show up, but now that there are cracker thieves out there, you can also see who's stealing your SEO!

Please go visit Tina's blog and show your support. At the bottom she has a link to help fight off SEO thieves.

August 21, 2010

What I did today....

Well, actually I started this the other day.  But today I feel I chose a great theme and I'm really happy.  
So what did I do?  I set up a Tumblr micro blog.  It was easy and posting is fun!  I think I might be addicted :D

What is Tumblr? you ask. Tumblr is a micro blog.  Nice an short and sweet.  They even have this nice little tool that you drag into your bookmark bar and you can post from any page on the internet.  You can see an example down at the bottom of this blog.  Check it out. I really like it.

See you on Tumblr!  Click here to go to my Tumblr micro blog!

August 12, 2010

Thank You, I Now Feel Really Rotten

I have to admit that I am not very happy with myself. I've acted pretty unprofessionally. But I'm not sorry. I'm still very irritated with Cargoh for not making it clear who they wanted on their site before they invited people to take the time to set up shop.

My time is valuable to me. Right now I spend a lot of time caring for my mother who had knee surgery over two months ago and still cannot walk short distances.

So you can imagine how upset I was to spend over half a day of my valuable time setting up my Cargoh shop, then more time listing, only to be given the, "oh, sorry, we lost our direction."

I felt like a new neighbor who saw an add in local paper inviting people to a house warming party only to be escorted back out the door because my green bean casserole wasn't "gourmet" enough for them.

Was I hurt? Sure. Was I mad? Absolutely. And I still am. But I do feel badly that I acted almost as unprofessional as they did by commenting on their Facebook page about their lack of tact.

I woke up at 3 am suddenly remembering that I had given them credit card info. During set up I had that sixth sense telling me something wasn't right. I should have listened. Now I'll have to monitor my cc. Cargoh's name will be the first thing mentioned if I see anything suspicious!

My estimation is that no matter how hard they try and with the way they're running things, they won't do well. Doesn't really matter any more.

And the good news...they'll never be as big as ArtFire!

Edited to add:

Interesting that after being told my account was being deleted I've had to email them TWICE now and ask that it actually BE deleted!! GAH. Seriously?

I totally sound like a big whiner up there, don't I? See what I've been turned into?

And in all reality, Cargoh will most likely do fine.

August 11, 2010

Thanks for nothing!

Well, I've said it before, I'll say it one ever gives away the good stuff for free. And yet again the cosmos proves this saying to be true. So, how good can it be if they can't even decide if they want to give it away or not?

Just recently a new website, was advertising for a free lifetime Pro account if you signed up by a certain date. I read the TOS (terms of service) and FAQs (frequently asked questions) to see if I qualified. Did I see any requirements or regulations? No.

So I spend a whole day setting up shop, and adding items every now and then. And then today I get a wonderful love letter. Not only was I slapped in the face, but someone needs to learn to space between paragraphs.
Thanks for taking the time to register your shop on When we launched twelve weeks ago, we set out to create a smaller forum for independent artists and designers to showcase and sell their work, looking to provide a home for people who perhaps had not yet found a place to truly call their own on the Internet. To help communicate this, we focused our efforts recruiting sellers whom we felt represented that niche community to join our fledgling marketplace for it's beta launch. We hoped that hand picking our first round of sellers would help paint the picture of what we hoped to build.
Our company is in it's infancy, and we're learning every day. Thanks to the incredible power of social media, word has spread quickly about our little venture, and we could not be more grateful. But while our marketplace has grown faster than we ever imagined, we've lost control of it's original direction, and the work we set out to highlight has gotten lost in the fray as a result. The concept for Cargoh has always been a really difficult one to define, but it has never been our intention to compete with the already flourishing handmade marketplaces you may know and love. With that in mind, and in order to stay true to our vision for, we've made the difficult decision to curate our marketplace.
Unfortunately, at this time, we won't be asking you to stay on as a seller at Cargoh. This decision is in no way a commentary on the quality of your work - there are so many creative, talented people out there, and we simply can't accommodate all of you and maintain our business model. We're learning that the hard way right now, and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
We will take the utmost care in deleting all of your private information from our databases. Please feel free to re-submit work that you feel might be a better fit in the future.
Again, we apologize for any confusion, and as always, we're here if you have any questions.
The Cargoh Team
Here's what I read: Thanks for signing up when we were begging for sellers. But we decided you're not good enough for us, so we're wiping your bug splatter off our windshield. Oh, but if you decide to create REAL art, come on back and we'll totally pull the rug out from under you again!!

What am I supposed to say to that? Sure, I'll come on back later after I lick my wounds, waste another week with you, only to be hustled out the door before anyone sees me. No thanks.

All I can say now is Cargoh, go away!!

PS: No, I did not include any hyperlinks to Cargoh. If you want to go see them you can look them up yourself. They don't deserve the boost to their website google ranking.

August 07, 2010

Beads of Courage....

I just packed off a box of cute little beads to send to Beads of Courage. With a tear in my eye I thanked God that my children and grand children are healthy. And I only hope that at least one of my beads will be treasured by a special child in need of some hope and encouragement.

You can read about Jean Baruch, a nurse has touched the lives of thousands of sick kids with her idea of Beads of Hope.

August 03, 2010

Hot From The Kiln....

This weekend was a great weekend.  I got some torch time in, and I really love melting glass. 

As you can tell, I was feeling a little froggie.  They turned out really well, I think. I started with the tall style, seen in the back row.  And quickly changed to the horizontal form.  The legs are really fun to make.  But I'm thinking they need to be just a touch fatter!

But my favorite one was the fat little penguin.  He turned out so cute!  I went with a chubby shape.  I love chubby!!!

The last ones I created where the Potato heads.  Believe it or not those really drive me nuts.  First of all, I always forget the ears on the first one.  Not that it really matters, you could make him with one eye.  I mean, after all, Mr. Potato Head is a totally customizable toy.  But then I finally remember the ear and I one goes off center!! GAH  Then, there is so much tiny detail, it's hard not to melt them all in.  So the going is slow.  And last, I never make him chubby enough.  I like chubby!!!

But he's still cute. And that's what came from my kiln last weekend :)

July 31, 2010

Last Day For Chirstmas In July And A Bonus!

Sorry, bonus and sale is over!

Just a reminder that today is the last day for my Christmas in July Sale. Save 20%!! And all items are already marked down. I love ArtFire's coupon codes!!

And as a bonus I'm also offering FREE shipping on orders of $35 or more! Use coupon code: CIFFREESHIP

Last day, so don't wait!

July 30, 2010

What I did today.....

Cleaned. Blah!

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like cleaning. I hate it. I have better things to do, like chat with you guys. I try to keep the house fairly clean, there's no mud on the floors, or cobwebs strung across the ceiling. But there's dust in the corners, and every now and then I get a bug up my butt to clean. And today is one of those days.

The bathrooms are first on my list today. I started in the guest bath which is the smallest bathroom; cleaned the toilet and washed rugs, but quickly moved on to the master bath when I realized that was where I left my Swiffer (I love my Swiffer).

I took one look around in there and realized I needed to get that done first, or it would never get done! I have a corner spa tub which is amazing for catching dust in the back corner, right where it's the most inconvenient to get at. Kitty-corner from the tub is the shower. This layout creates little nooks which are wonderful places for dust and hair to collect on the floor. Let's just say there are lots of little nooks and crannies for dust and dirt to collect around the base boards.

It's not a huge bathroom, so it shouldn't be so hard, but it is full of CRAP. My mother is right, if I had less stuff to dust, I'd also have less stuff to move to get the cleaning done. But, sadly, I have the decorator blood in me from my old Home Interiors days and I just have to decorate!!

I'm half finished, and I've already removed a lot of items, so I can't do too real before and after pics. Suffice it to say that just picturing the worst scenario in your mind is most likely accurate. But I will take some pics and be back with "after" shots. Wish me luck!!


Okay, so remember when I said up there that I was half finished. I lied!! It took me THREE hours to clean the master bath, top to bottom!!! Ugh. I even used a toothbrush for those hard to reach places.

Following are before and after. Now remember, I had already started cleaning the tub area. You can click on the pics to enlarge them.


Oh, and yes, I have a toilet and a shower. I just didn't think you really cared to see those. But if you do I'll come back and post them.

So, this is what I did today. I don't think I have the energy to do the other bath. But it is pretty small, and way cleaner then this one. So maybe......

What'd you do today?

July 29, 2010

Project Wonderful is here!

I just wanted to post a short update and let you all know that I know have Project Wonderful add space on my blog.  If you are in the market for affordable add space, check it out.

Not sure what Project Wonderful is?  Well, it's pretty darn fun, that's what it is.  You can bid on add space that is found mainly on blogs, and some are on forums and personal websites.  You bid on the spaces and it's more fun then Ebay! Well, at least I think so.

You can bid on which sites you want your add to appear on.  Or you can set up a campaign which you set parameters for, and the site bids for you! PW even emails you when your bids expire so you can go renew them.

They have stats so you can see how much traffic a site gets that has your add, and how many clicks you've received from that site. 

Please check out the totally awesome sponsors who now have adds up there; click, click, click!!!

July 27, 2010

I'm Certifiable!!

It's true, I've been certified! Certified as a Handmade Artisan and Seller on ArtFire, that is.

This certificate is your assurance that all the items in an ArtFire shop are completely handmade by the artisan. You'll see this badge on the left side of the shop's homepage.

July 24, 2010

Christmas In July is still going strong!

The Christmas In July Sale is still going on over at ArtFire! Now is the great time to get your loved ones some awesome handmade goodies. You can find just about anything you could ever imagine.

I still have 15% off all items, even sale items, until July 31st (items already marked down!). AND, today I just added free shipping for purchases of $35 and over!! Woohoo :D Use coupon code FREESHIP (COUPON CODE HAS EXPIRED AS OF 7/26/10)

Receive free shipping on Order Total (orders above $35.00)
Use Coupon Code:
during checkout.

July 12, 2010


ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

Save 15% off everything from now until July 31st! Click me. Go ahead, I know you want to!! CLICK ME!!

Okay all my ArtFire friends! Post your CIJ sales here ;)

July 11, 2010

Do You Know - About Artisan Lampwork Beads

Recently I explained a little bit on what lampwork is. Today I'd like to explain something that is very important to all jewelry designers, and is very close to the heart of every lampwork artisan.

Today lampworkers have been labeled artisans. I often describe some lampworking styles as "painting with glass" when a scene is made that is reminiscent of a painting. Lampwork landscapes are a great example. And it truly is a beautiful kind of artwork to behold. (see the example above from MyJoyfulCorner)

So, what about lampwork beads? Well, there are two types of lampwork beads: Artisan made and what has been coined as imported or manufactured lampwork.


Artisan made lampwork is handmade by the artisan with great care and detail. These beads are properly kiln annealed (kept hot for the required time, and slowly cooled to realign the crystal structure properly). This tempers the glass making it stronger and more durable. Care is also taken to properly clean the bead release from the hole. **Please note, not all artisan lampwork will be kiln annealed, and should be labeled as blanket annealed if that is how they are made.

Artisan beads are unique often one-of-a-kind items which are used as focals in a design or creation. Some are made as matching sets. And all are well done and beautiful works of art.

The artisan lampwork community is also very knowledgeable in proper safety and working conditions. Molten glass gives off carbon monoxide and other dangerous fumes depending on what the glass is made from. Some glasses actually have metal in them, and these fumes can be unhealthy to inhale.

We are also very aware of the dangers of looking directly at the flare which occurs when glass is held in the torch flame. This can do severe damage to the eyes, and we buy special glasses or other eye safety gear to block those harmful rays. (the photo of the Bench Mount Shield is the type of eye safety I use)


Imported lampwork is still handmade. But we call them "manufactured" because of how they are made. Manufactured beads have come a long way in the last few years. But if is very important the buyers understand what they are purchasing, and the differences between artisan lampwork and manufactured lampwork.

The main "flaw" (for lack of a better word) of manufactured beads is the fact that they are not properly kiln annealed. You may often see visible cracks in the beads. However, sometimes these cracks will not show right away, but will appear later when the beads are mishandled or stressed in some way, like being dropped. Proper cleaning is another clue to help identify manufactured beads.

Manufactured bead | Artisan Lampwork

The above bead, on the left, is a great example of a manufactured bead that was not properly cleaned. You'll notice the hole is full of bead release, click on it to enlarge it for a better view.

So you have the combination of poor working conditions, improper annealing and uncleaned beads with manufactured beads.


So now you're probably wondering how in the world you can possibly tell whether or not you're buying artisan lampwork or imported lampwork. Even at craft and art fairs there are still many unscrupulous people who will buy imports and pass them off as their own.

Here are just a couple tips when searching for artisan quality lampwork beads:

  • Price: Artisan lampwork is always more expensive due to the time it takes to create a bead, the price of the glass, and the equipment/overhead cost to make quality annealed beads.
  • Volume: Immediate supply is a good gauge. Lampwork beads take time, and high volume may indicate the seller may not have made the beads themselves. Ask the seller how many sets they have of the same design/color. Chances are that some beads may be imports if they have many of the exact same sets of beads. This is just my thought, and in no way is a guarantee that the item is or is not made by that person. Look the person directly in the eye and ask them if they made the bead you want to purchase.
  • Quality. The bead hole should be nice and clean. There should be no visible cracks or sharp edges. (Please remember that someone just starting out in lampworking may not make "perfect" beads, but they'll make up for that in enthusiasm, which you'll feel when you talk to them!)
I hope this helps give a little more understanding on the quality and cost of artisan made lampwork. I'm not saying there should be no imported lampwork beads. But I do want to make sure people are aware and are able to choose the beads that are best for their budget and designs. And to help give a little more knowledge to buyers so they are not duped into buying beads they think are artisian made when they aren't.
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