February 03, 2010

What is Sanity, really?

Do you ever wonder? I mean really!

I'm pretty sure it's not my husband who is in the bedroom yelling about how his legs are cold. And apparently none of the 8 million blankets we own will ever be able to warm him up. And I'm supposed to drop everything I'm doing to go warm up his cold legs.

Apparently he totally forgot that it's his fault his legs are cold. I mean after all, he makes me work a day job.

Seriously, I only have the evenings to work on my lampwork business. And it's really hard work too. I mean my fingers get so sore from typing and all the plurk....I mean work stuff I have to do. All because I have to spend all day at work. Working! Gads.

When what I really would rather be doing is making beads and plurking...I mean working (why do I keep doing that?) After all, I don't have time for keeping legs warm! I'm too busy with my second job which I love WAY more then my day job sitting in a cube being a Dilbert.

So hubby, if you want your legs warmed up you're going to have to let me quit my day job. There's no other way to solve this!

1 comment:

WillowWalker said...

*applauds loudly* Love the post!

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