April 21, 2010

Sorry, but you've given me no choice!

It's all your fault, you know. All you anonymous people leaving spammy comments on my blog! I moderate my comments you know. So every time your greasy spammy fingers throw a spammy comment on my blog I have to log in and REJECT IT!! Yesterday I rejected FIVE spams.

So really spam people, I'm not even reading your stupid comments or links or whatever you're putting in there. And I'm certainly not going to go to any of your spammy websites either.


I have now set my blog to accept comments from registered users only. Thank you! Oh, and the only spam I want to see is a gelatinous slab of SPAM fried on toast with lettuce, tomato and miracle whip! GAH!

April 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary Baby!

It's been one year today!! Woohoo! My ArtFire Studio has been opened for one year today. Wow, I can't believe how quickly time flies.

I'd like to celebrate by giving you a gift, save 25% off any order using coupon code: ANNIVERSARY. Oopsie and sale items are excluded from this sale due to their already amazingly low prices.

Stop by, wish me happy anniversary, and check out my automated sales girl. She's on the right side. That's my sunny cheery voice, but unfortunately I'm not quite that cute! I also have some fun videos and other gadgets at the bottom of the page.



April 18, 2010

My, how time flies!

Can you believe it? One year!! I've been with ArtFire for ONE whole year! And what a great year it's been.

You know, I have always said things happen for a reason. Let me elaborate....

Way back when, I needed a job so I could take care of myself. No more being a housewife/mother. Went to school, got a job, hated it. But met some cool people, made some great friends, had a customer talk me into going to college.

At college met some of my best friends every, loved school, loved the research I did. Graduated, got an awesome job. After 6 years hated the new owner, quit, got a crappy job with awesome people and great benefits.

Had a friend at this job talk me into taking lampwork classes, found my new passion, sold stuff on Etsy. Etsy started to irritate me, I moved to ArtFire, LOVE it, met some even more awesome friends (waves to all her great Etsy, AF and Plurk friends) which brings me to my one year anniversary.

That's my life all summed up in a couple paragraphs. And because I am really happy at ArtFire, and really do love all my great friends and customers, I need to do something special!

So stay tuned...more to come :)

April 15, 2010

Tax Day Freebie at Glasstastic Treasures

Today only, enjoy free shipping on purchases of $10.00 or more. Just use coupon code TAXDAYFREEBIE2010 upon check out!!

Tax time can be stressful. And you certainly deserve a little something to cheer you up. So feel free to visit GlasstasticTreasures and enjoy free shipping.

Have a wonderful day! And here's hoping for a HUGE tax return for everyone!

April 09, 2010

What's In A Hollow Bead?

Nothing but hot air, really. Well, air is something, after all. So let me explain ;)

A hollow bead is made by creating two thin disk beads close together, and curing towards each other. Creating two dome-like structures that curve towards each other. Then, finally, they are connected. The hard part is making sure there are no holes. Because, you see, as air is heated it expands and if there are holes, well, the air escapes. If the air escapes, the bead will collapse and no longer be hollow.

Easy to explain, but hard to picture, so I'll include a video I found on YouTube. Isn't YouTube great!! (She's listening to Pearl Jam, nice song)

Hollow beads are great for creating larger works of glass because air is light, and a larger bead will be lighter too. Nice for pendants. And perfect for my handmade fish beads! This adorable guy just might still be available in my ArtFire shop. Click on him to see.
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