April 21, 2010

Sorry, but you've given me no choice!

It's all your fault, you know. All you anonymous people leaving spammy comments on my blog! I moderate my comments you know. So every time your greasy spammy fingers throw a spammy comment on my blog I have to log in and REJECT IT!! Yesterday I rejected FIVE spams.

So really spam people, I'm not even reading your stupid comments or links or whatever you're putting in there. And I'm certainly not going to go to any of your spammy websites either.


I have now set my blog to accept comments from registered users only. Thank you! Oh, and the only spam I want to see is a gelatinous slab of SPAM fried on toast with lettuce, tomato and miracle whip! GAH!


Carey Lynn said...

just wanted to see if I could leave a comment! hahaha but seriously, I feel ur pain. Down with spammers!

Glasstastic Treasures said...

Now see, this is a comment! And I appreciate it, and will gladly publish it. lol

Not those comments stating, "Hey, I want to replace my old enternainment center (link link link) blah blah (link link)" that has nothing to do with my blog post, and is put on an OLD post, or there is just has a link in the comment.

Oh, and for the record, I'm FEMALE, therefore I do not need any male enhancement products, just so you know!

CreekHiker said...

Jamie, I got hit long ago and the jerks seem to share blogs - right down to specific posts! I had to go into my Creekhiker blog and turn off comments on about 5 different posts. That seemed to help. So if you have a particular post that gets hit alot... turn it off!

Your true fans are reading your more recent stuff anyway!

Glasstastic Treasures said...

Thanks for the tip Holly. And yes, it was one specific post. Since I changed my commenting I haven't had any spams about entertainment centers.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Spam???? Okay, now I know I'm getting older but I didn't realize you could get spam on a blog. Maybe it's just mine isn't interesting enough to spam, hahaha.
Anyway, I enjoy your blog - your beads - besides, you often crack me up....and I can use that.

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