May 23, 2010

Get it free, now at Glasstastic Treasures

If you've been to my ArtFire Studio and browsed my sections you would have noticed a Not-So-Perfect section were you could get some really great beads at some really great prices. Not-so-perfect doesn't mean they're not usable. On the contrary, they are quite usable. And I've had people ask me what was wrong with the items because they thought the beads were fine.

Well, there may have been a nick, or something a little off center or I simply wasn't happy with the end result. And I love to offer my customers good deals, and what could be better then a great price on a bead with a slight flaw?

Well, how about FREE! Yep, that's right. I'm now offering my not-so-perfect beads free with a purchase from my Studio. Each Get-Me-Free item has a coupon code and minimum purchase details in the listing.

So go check it out, and get some goodies for free! And check back often, as I'll be listing more items that you can get for free!

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