June 23, 2010

Have you lost it?

Do you ever feel that way? Like you've lost it? Lost your mojo, your creativity, your inspiration, your mind??

That's how I feel today. I've been pondering these odd feelings, and I've had them for some time now. And it suddenly occurred to me what I've done wrong-again!!

I get so wrapped up in the marketing aspect of my business that I forget why I started this. I didn't start GlasstasticTreasures because I wanted to learn how to market, I started because I love creating lampwork beads.

I haven't been at my torch in weeks, maybe a month. I can feel my creativity draining. I feel like I no longer have any idea what to make or what to do.

So, I think it's time to put the "business" part of my business on vacation and have some fun. And that means, you guessed it...LAMPWORK BEADS!!!

Time to fire up the torch and let the creating begin! woohoo!!! Feel free to let me know what you'd like to see when I'm done melting glass. I love to hear your ideas, that's the best inspiration I could ask for!

June 17, 2010

Nobody ever gives away the good stuff for FREE...


That's right. Check out this awesome handmade key chain with one totally awesome handmade artisan lampwork tree bead :) I picked this great bead which is great for guys and gals, and has a great wow factor. And with the oil spill in the Gulf, we need to celebrate Mother Nature more then ever!

Is there a catch you ask? Well, of course there is. But it's nothing too drastic, I promise. But the more you do, the more chances you'll get ;)

All you need to do is:
  1. sign up for my newsletter (it's on the right)
  2. subscribe to my blog (also on the right)
  3. blog about my drawing with a link back here
  4. like my facebook page (let me know if you already like it)
  5. make a purchase at GlasstasticTreasures during the contest period
  6. comment on this blog post with which requirements you did and links to your blog and facebook page (Very important you do this so you get all your chances. This gives you an extra chance too, for a total of 6!)
It's as easy as that! I told you it wouldn't be too difficult. Do one & get one chance, do all six & get six chances to win!! The more you do the better your chances.

Here are the rules:

Fulfill one or all the requirements for chances to win. Each completed requirement will give you a number. Six total chances are available. The winner will be randomly selected by the super awesome random drawing site random.org . Contest starts on 6/17/10 and runs until 6/30/10. Comments posted after 6/30/10 will not be added to the drawing, maybe, well, I'm pretty sure. Drawing will be held the first week of July. The winner has one week after they are notified to provide mailing info or an alternate winner will be drawn. Winner will be announced via the newsletter so don't forget to sign up for that!! I might try to look you up on blogger, but if I can't find you or contact you that way, then that's going to be very very difficult!

Subscribers to my newsletters receive special deals offers and goodies. I won't ever send out more then 2 newsletters a month. As a matter of fact, sometimes I don't even send out one a month. There's just too much life interfering with my crafting!

I look forward to meeting all you great people!

June 13, 2010

Do you know - What lampworking is?

Do You Know is a new blog series designed to offer information in a fun way.
I am all about fun, after all! Wink


One question I'm often asked is, "what is lampworking?" I love this question because lampworking has such an old history. It's just amazing.

The term "lampworking" was actually coined because our ancestors once used oil-fueled lamps to melt glass. But our ancestors didn't just make beads, oh no!! Small glass vessels were a common item as well. How cool is that!

Today's lampworking is born from techniques mastered by Venetian glass artists. Previously, artistic beads were a European delicacy, but today people around the world enjoy the art of lampwork bead making. Especially me!

Today's heat source has evolved tremendously since single fueled oil lamps. Above I show a picture of my dual fueled Nortel torch. This torch uses propane and oxygen to produce a small yet hot flame. I'd like to thank my husband for keeping my gas tanks full!!

This information is just a minute bit of all the info that can be found on the World Wide Web. The internet makes it so easy to find out more about our world, including the great endeavor of lampworking.

Go ahead, research something! Learning is fun Cool


June 05, 2010

It's tough to be a grown up

That's my feeling today. Oh sure, there are plenty of benefits. Like strawberry daiquiris , snuggling with your sweetheart in front of a warm fire, shopping sprees on payday. But you also have to make good decisions: what career do I want to do for the rest of my life; which is the best car for me; where should I invest my money.

Then there's the sucky decisions. Like the one I just made. I work full time and also, as you know, have an online shop called GlasstasticTreasures. Selling online is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. I've made great friends, joined some awesome groups, and learned a lot. But there's only so much time in a day, you ever notice that?

So, I had to make the very difficult decision to release some of my responsibilities. This one was hard emotionally. But logically it was easy. I wasn't spending enough time helping the other members and I would forget things. So, with sadness in my heart I had to say goodbye to the Fire Divas.

I met some great gals, and made some even better friends. And that's a wonderful thing. But, for now at least, I have a small hole where the group used to be. Oh sure, I'll get used to it, and it will fade, but after these last couple years it's still sad.

I won't say goodbye to the Fire Divas, just...hope to see ya around facebook and stuff. And hopefully when life calms down (yeah right) I'll be better able to rejoin them!
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