June 13, 2010

Do you know - What lampworking is?

Do You Know is a new blog series designed to offer information in a fun way.
I am all about fun, after all! Wink


One question I'm often asked is, "what is lampworking?" I love this question because lampworking has such an old history. It's just amazing.

The term "lampworking" was actually coined because our ancestors once used oil-fueled lamps to melt glass. But our ancestors didn't just make beads, oh no!! Small glass vessels were a common item as well. How cool is that!

Today's lampworking is born from techniques mastered by Venetian glass artists. Previously, artistic beads were a European delicacy, but today people around the world enjoy the art of lampwork bead making. Especially me!

Today's heat source has evolved tremendously since single fueled oil lamps. Above I show a picture of my dual fueled Nortel torch. This torch uses propane and oxygen to produce a small yet hot flame. I'd like to thank my husband for keeping my gas tanks full!!

This information is just a minute bit of all the info that can be found on the World Wide Web. The internet makes it so easy to find out more about our world, including the great endeavor of lampworking.

Go ahead, research something! Learning is fun Cool


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