June 05, 2010

It's tough to be a grown up

That's my feeling today. Oh sure, there are plenty of benefits. Like strawberry daiquiris , snuggling with your sweetheart in front of a warm fire, shopping sprees on payday. But you also have to make good decisions: what career do I want to do for the rest of my life; which is the best car for me; where should I invest my money.

Then there's the sucky decisions. Like the one I just made. I work full time and also, as you know, have an online shop called GlasstasticTreasures. Selling online is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. I've made great friends, joined some awesome groups, and learned a lot. But there's only so much time in a day, you ever notice that?

So, I had to make the very difficult decision to release some of my responsibilities. This one was hard emotionally. But logically it was easy. I wasn't spending enough time helping the other members and I would forget things. So, with sadness in my heart I had to say goodbye to the Fire Divas.

I met some great gals, and made some even better friends. And that's a wonderful thing. But, for now at least, I have a small hole where the group used to be. Oh sure, I'll get used to it, and it will fade, but after these last couple years it's still sad.

I won't say goodbye to the Fire Divas, just...hope to see ya around facebook and stuff. And hopefully when life calms down (yeah right) I'll be better able to rejoin them!

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Patrice of Shepherd Creations said...

Sorry to see you go Jamie, I hope things get settled soon. It IS tough being a grown-up. I'm sure I'll see you around because your work is beautiful, and more people need to make fun glass with personality (and eyes, I like eyes on glass too).

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