July 29, 2010

Project Wonderful is here!

I just wanted to post a short update and let you all know that I know have Project Wonderful add space on my blog.  If you are in the market for affordable add space, check it out.

Not sure what Project Wonderful is?  Well, it's pretty darn fun, that's what it is.  You can bid on add space that is found mainly on blogs, and some are on forums and personal websites.  You bid on the spaces and it's more fun then Ebay! Well, at least I think so.

You can bid on which sites you want your add to appear on.  Or you can set up a campaign which you set parameters for, and the site bids for you! PW even emails you when your bids expire so you can go renew them.

They have stats so you can see how much traffic a site gets that has your add, and how many clicks you've received from that site. 

Please check out the totally awesome sponsors who now have adds up there; click, click, click!!!

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