August 12, 2010

Thank You, I Now Feel Really Rotten

I have to admit that I am not very happy with myself. I've acted pretty unprofessionally. But I'm not sorry. I'm still very irritated with Cargoh for not making it clear who they wanted on their site before they invited people to take the time to set up shop.

My time is valuable to me. Right now I spend a lot of time caring for my mother who had knee surgery over two months ago and still cannot walk short distances.

So you can imagine how upset I was to spend over half a day of my valuable time setting up my Cargoh shop, then more time listing, only to be given the, "oh, sorry, we lost our direction."

I felt like a new neighbor who saw an add in local paper inviting people to a house warming party only to be escorted back out the door because my green bean casserole wasn't "gourmet" enough for them.

Was I hurt? Sure. Was I mad? Absolutely. And I still am. But I do feel badly that I acted almost as unprofessional as they did by commenting on their Facebook page about their lack of tact.

I woke up at 3 am suddenly remembering that I had given them credit card info. During set up I had that sixth sense telling me something wasn't right. I should have listened. Now I'll have to monitor my cc. Cargoh's name will be the first thing mentioned if I see anything suspicious!

My estimation is that no matter how hard they try and with the way they're running things, they won't do well. Doesn't really matter any more.

And the good news...they'll never be as big as ArtFire!

Edited to add:

Interesting that after being told my account was being deleted I've had to email them TWICE now and ask that it actually BE deleted!! GAH. Seriously?

I totally sound like a big whiner up there, don't I? See what I've been turned into?

And in all reality, Cargoh will most likely do fine.

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Fru Babsan said...

You should not feel rotten. A part from knowing that your credit card number is out there, I think the fault is on their behalf.
And yeah, it might be unprofessional to talk about in on their Fb page, but on the other hand you are a private person and they are the professionals! What can a person do to get heard? We ahve to use the mens we can.

I think they should feel rotten.

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