October 03, 2010

What A Great Surprise!

Today I received my email newsletter for Artizen Magazine. It's a really cool ezine featuring all sorts of great artizens. And it's a lot of fun to read, especially since you can just click on a picture and go right to that site, page or item. I love ezines! (I really need a bigger monitor though! lol)

Well, imagine my surprise when I flipped to page 26 and found THIS (go to page 26)! Look, it's ME!!! What a thrill, I'm so excited and honored to be featured in this really great ezine. And what a great write up! I love love love Halloween and this is a really great issue.

One note: My business name, in full, is GlasstasticTreasures. Part of my name was left off, and I want to mention this because there's a really great stained glass artisan who has the name Glasstastic. So please don't get the two of us confused! ;)

Thank you Artizen Magazine! And the rest of you-go sign up for this great ezine!

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