December 10, 2010

"It Wasn't Me...They Did It!"

"Warning....lengthy post about businesses who won't take any responsibility for anything....with colorful adjectives, deep anger and light humor. Read on if you dare!

This last week has been one of the most stressful and annoying weeks I can remember. And the worst part is that not one person bothered to help me. Well, that's not true, I had someone say they were helping, but where they really?

It all started the week of Thanksgiving. A time when you get to reflect your life and be thankful for what you have. That's all good, I'm thankful for a lot of stuff. But I'm also very irritated by a few things as well.

The first thing that went wrong was having half of my grand daughter's fund raiser items disappearing from the school gymnasium while members of the PTA, who sponsored and organized the fund raiser, supervised the order pick up. Okay, no problem they said. All you have to do is this....blah blah blah. This was November 23rd. Uhm, excuse me! YOU lost my items, don't you thing that YOU should take care of this????? I guess not!

Well, guess what! It's now December 10th and I still do not have my missing items. It took the school over a week to find the order form, and then multiple calls to the fundraiser center to get everything straightened out. And quite honestly, I can't understand how the fundraiser company is still in business the way they run things there! I was missing paper items and they called me 3 days AFTER I reordered the missing items to ask for my address to ship the food in dry ice. WHAT??? Even better news....the paper goods are all out of stock. Fricking NICE!! (excuse my language).

Okay, well, hopefully they have that straightened out. I was told I should have just let them send me the food again, but it was $100 or so worth, and I couldn't do that in good conscience. And my philosophy is that if you are good, then good things will happen. I'm starting to rethink that theory!

The second disaster was on November 24th I mailed 2 orders and 1 give away from my job. I found out a week later from a new customer that her order had not arrived. Sure enough, a quick check with USPS verified no delivery. Oh oh, I'd better check the other two. No delivery. OH MY GOD!!! **really, at this time I was praying out loud**

I call the PO-they say they never received it. I asked about the tracking numbers. Here's the gist of the conversation:
  • PO: Oh, those are only scanned at the receiving post office.
  • ME: ah, that doesn't seem like a very good idea since the package is being tracked. How do you prove it's been picked up.
  • PO: yes, this is a complaint we get a lot of, And we will be changing this in the future. If you bring your package to a window, they'll scan it, but if it's not dropped off with a postal worker it won't be scanned. Let me put you on hold why I check something.
  • ME: **waiting....waiting***
  • PO: Um, yes, your office is in charge of picking up and delivering your mail to the post office, so check with them.
  • ME: **great!**
So, I go to my mail room at work.
  • Me: Hi, I dropped off three packages for mailing all three are lost, can you look around and see if they fell out of the bucket somewhere?
  • Dude: They aren't here. All we do is gather it to be picked up by a third party. You'll need to call them.
  • ME: Well, could it have fallen out of the bin? Could it have fallen behind something somewhere?
  • Dude: No.
Again-fricking NICE!!!! Thanks a lot you lazy

So, I call the delivery company, the lady is nice, and concerned, just like the post office lady. Which makes me feel better. And she takes some info and will call me back. Well, she calls back and asks about the packages-again.
  • Gal: OH, I was looking for white envelopes.
  • Me: ugh
  • Gal: Well, we've looked all over, and have gone through some of the security footage and we can't find anything. I've talked to everyone here except one person. I'll talk to him and call you back.
That was two days ago. I'm still waiting. Like hubby says: she said she was doing all that stuff, but did she really do it? Probably not.

One of the packages was a very important brain bead made as a custom order for a lady whose friend was having brain surgery. Now that's important. So I contact her, make another item and ship it out priority on Tuesday. And this time I dropped it in the mail box AT the post office.

Three days later, that package is still not showing as tracked. Priority is supposed to be THREE day delivery. So, I call the receiving post office. Again, the lady is very helpful, yet has no idea where the package is.
  • Me: Today is the 3rd day, it should be delivered today and it should be scanned as received.
  • PO: This is a really really busy time of year and we're doing everything we can to get his mail sorted and delivered. I'm sure it's here, but it won't be scanned until tomorrow. Check then and call back if you don't see it.
  • ME: **really mad so I don't want to say "I paid for three day delivery, NOT four day", but I keep my mouth shut**
Luckily it showed up this morning and is noted as being delivered today. I should make a screen print of that, just in case. Stranger things have happened, and this fiasco is so messed up that I wouldn't be surprised.

Well, that's my messed up life's story of the start of the holiday season. Yay me! Oh, and today I get to go get "retakes" of my right side mammogram. Can it get worse then this? Let's hope not. Okay, I'm done whining now! Thanks for listening!

By the way, one of the other lost packages is being delivered today. Wish me luck on the third replaced item.

GOOD NEWS: My mammo is fine, they couldn't anything! whew!


Damma said...

Oh Jamie, I am so sorry you had to endure all of this. :( Personally, I think November and December are the worst for stress. Add bad weather and customer service and it is a total mess.
I do hope mammo turns out fine and it was just the picture taker.
Sending prayers your way. Enjoy your grandkids and eat chocolate.
Your friend-Verna

Deb DiSalvo said...

Oh, boo :(
Sorry to hear you're having a rough go of it. I hate shipping at the holidays. You NEVER know what will happen. I had a lady from the UK who ordered a fused glass guitar for (get this) a great friend who played in a band that just found out they had some type of terminal cancer. Well, you guessed it - the guitar was "lost" in the mail and dealing with international customs is a complete nightmare. I still am sick about that one! Take deep breaths and realize people are crazy during the holidays. ((hugs)) to you, my friend! :)

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