December 13, 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas Specials

Each day until Christmas I'll have one item available at half price! How will you know which one? Well, that's up to you to find out! I can't make it too easy on you, now can I? Maybe I'll give a hint, maybe not. And the items won't always be Christmas related. The closer we get to Christmas day the more items I'll post that are not theme related.

So, to start it all out today I'll give you a direct link! Use coupon code 12THDAY to get the below item for half price! Only one item will be available per day, so hurry in! Check my blog often, and wait for the post!

Every day I'll post the coupon code and maybe a hint so you can find the item and get a great deal. I can't guarantee the item will make it to your house by Christmas as this is a very busy time of year for the Postal Service. However, if you want to upgrade to Priority mail it's only another $2.55 (added on to the already $2.50 shipping charge: total $5.05 priority for a bubble mailer envelope). Just message me after your purchase and I'll send you an invoice for the extra fee. I'm glad to help, and this is the best way to ensure your item reaches you before Christmas.

I also have a free upgrade to priority in my shop if you purchase $25 or more. You can only use one coupone code at a time, so just message me and I'll know your $25 purchase needs to be shipped via priority mail!

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