December 18, 2011

My Blog Is Moving

Hello everyone!  You may have noticed that it's been pretty quiet around here.  I've been busy with Christmas orders and decision making.

I've decided to make my life easier and lower my overhead by combining my Metal Amore hand stamped metal jewelry shop with my Glasstastic Treasure shop.  Everything will be under my Glasstastic Treasures link but will be renamed Dzign by Jamie!  Please visit my new blog and follow it, I'd really appreciate it.  You can Click Here to do that.

After the holidays I'll be moving items over to Glasstastic Treasures and emptying out my metal shop.  It will be sad, I love the name I created for it and love stamping metal.  But I am really going to love Dzign by Jamie.  Because now no matter what my hands decide they want to do I can include them all in one sweet location!

I hope you'll join me in my new blog.  See you there!

August 04, 2011

Summer Can Begin Now?

Just wanted to update you all on Eric's condition.  So far he's getting stronger.  He still isn't able to stand or walk like he used to.  Luckily he can sit at work through most of the day, so he still gets a pay check.

His second Lyme Disease test came back negative again.  But he's been on his second dose of doxycyline so there's no sense doing another test.

Now what he needs is insurance.  It's too late to help pay for the bills he already has, which is too bad because he's got a small fortune in bills.  We're hoping Badger Care Plus will get to his application soon.  Although he was 100,000 something on the waiting list when he applied.  How sad is that?  But if they can get to it in the next three months and he's eligible, they'll go back three months.  We have our fingers crossed.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes.  It means a lot!

July 17, 2011

My Summer Vacation...can it begin now?

Hello again everyone.  First I want to thank everyone for the very kind words during my son's illness.  You are all wonderful!

I wanted to give a little update on my son.  He completed his first week at work.  Normally he stands and has to move around a lot, but he had to sit for the majority of his time there.  His legs are still week, but he made it through the week.

Yesterday he called and asked me if he could come out and help me set up the pool.  It's a daunting task, there's a lot of standing and moving around to do.  But we worked well together and took a lot of breaks.  And 3 hours later we were filling the pool.

It was a great relief to see him back to his (almost) normal self!

Here's what we learned in our medical endeavors:
  1. ALWAYS ask for the insert to any new medications your receive!  And don't be afraid to talk to your pharmacist about over the counter drugs that might interfere or react with new meds.  My son's first Rx of doxycycline did not specify in the small insert that he should not take antacid medicines with his medication, but his new pharmacy had that information included with his meds.  He takes a lot of antacids and this could have inhibited the effectiveness of the medication.  We're not sure.  I always always ask for the insert that the pharmacy gets with their medicines because it has way more information in it.  You are only given the basic and most important info with the small inserts you receive with a prescription, and you'd be surprised what information you don't receive.
  2. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor to repeat tests.  We recently asked for a Lyme test repeat because the first test was negative and a couple doctors my son had seen were sure they were wrong.  We pay for the test, so there's no reason why they shouldn't do it!
  3. If your doctor won't listen, get a different doctor.  My son's doctor is wonderful, and she listened to all our concerns.  She spend well over an hour with us.  And she asked US what  we might have thought of that would be of help.  This was good because we asked for a tox screen, you just never know.  So she checked for lead, just because that's the most common toxin in many environments that harms people.  
  4. I can't stress this enough...YOU pay the doctor, they should be listening and helping you decide what's best to do.  If they can't give you a valid reason (I hate hearing "because I don't think...." grrrrr) for not doing something, then move on to a new doctor.
  5. Do your research online.  Doctors might not like that because not everything online is accurate.  But if you use valid sources for your information then you have a valid point.  Medical sites are great places for info.  Blogs, like mine, are not!  My information is just from my experiences, nothing is medically proven here.
Be smart and assertive about your healthcare.  It's about you, not the doctor!

July 12, 2011

My Summer Vacation

I know what you're thinking...Why is she writing a post about her summer vacation when summer has barely started?

Well, because my summer vacation is basically over and now the work begins.  For the last few weeks I've been sitting in emergency rooms and hospital rooms with my son.  We were hoping to get answers during our last visit, but we still have so many questions.

You can read a bit about my son Eric to the right.  His summer vacation ended one day when his legs suddenly gave out from under him while he was at work.  He said they simply felt like they just weren't there.

The doctors ran tests and found everything was fine, his blood, his EKG, no abnormalities were found.  So they gave him an IV and sent him home stating he was simply dehydrated.  What?

Well, he seemed a bit better so we were hoping it was over, but it started again not loo long after that.  Except this time he had discomfort in his chest and neck that was so bad he thought he was having a heart attack. So off to the ER again.  They ran another EKG, same results...everything is fine.  "Go home, take it easy and relax, you're not going to die" was what we were told.  They thought he just had a panic attack, so they shooed him out the door again.  Well, of course he was having a panic attack, he felt like an elephant was standing on his chest!  Grrr!

The third time we went to a different hospital.  This time we demanded to hear more then just "we don't know".  We had two doctors consulting with us and going over the previous tests from the first hospital. And although they weren't certain they thought he had Lyme Disease even though the lav had said the results were negative.  The reasoning was the symptoms and the fact that his blood platelets were low.  So we left with a prescription for doxycycline and some hope.  At least they were trying to do something!

The next couple of weeks were touch and go.  He'd steadily improve, only to suddenly slip backwards.  He started sleeping all the time, and again couldn't walk, so we had to go back to the ER.  He should have been better but he could hardly walk.  I had to use a wheel chair to get him in to the hospital.

The scary point for me was when the doctor made Eric walk as far as he could.  He made it about 8 feet and had to stop.  He was walking hunched over like he was 110 years old.  It was so sad to see.  But worse then that was when he sat down he started to twitch.  Every thing was twitching, his feet, his fingers, his head.  It was the hardest thing to see. I thought for sure he had something horrible.  MS, neurological issues, I didn't know, but I was scared.

The cat scan came back normal and they came in to release him again.  But we refused to take that as a solution.  We argued, stood our ground.  If he left the hospital it would take him 6 months to get tested and see a neurologist.  We couldn't afford to wait that long!  He'd already missed two weeks of work and was going to lose his job if he couldn't go back.

Luckily Eric's doctor agreed to put him in the hospital.  They ran more blood tests and this time they included a full head/body MRI, much to our relief.  FINALLY!!

The results were bitter sweet.  They found nothing wrong, which was great.  But that meant that they didn't find any answers either.  My son was angry, I was happy yet disappointed.  Then the doctor proceeded to tell us that this was my son's way of dealing with his anxiety so they prescribed more pills.

Okay, so just the previous day my son was sitting curled up and twitching and this is supposed to be all in his head? Are you serious?  Now what are we supposed to do?  We were told to take comfort in the fact that there were no physical issues and take the pills and see how he does.  Luckily my son had another week off from work so we'd give the pills a shot and see how it goes.

I bought him cases of bottled water so he wouldn't have to drink the tap water where he lived.  He came home with me a lot and ate good home cooked meals.  He built up his strength and was able to come out with his daughter.  In stead of sleeping 23 hours a day like he had been, he was awake, alert and able to get around slowly, but steadily, his legs held him and he walked around a lot.  Whew, finally, he's getting better.   Or is he?

When he went home I gave him a notebook so he could journal everything he did, ate, and felt.  We needed to keep track of everything so we could find out what was triggering these episodes.

Just the other day he had a bad night.  He was pouring sweat and twitching again.  My heart sank when I heard this.  Two steps forward, one step back.  This is NOT normal, this isn't depression or anxiety or anything normal.  Modern medicine wants to see test results that show what's wrong, but it's obvious that's not always going to be possible.  They need to think outside the box!

Yesterday at work, someone mentioned a documentary they heard about, Under Our Skin.  It's about Lyme Disease and she said the symptoms many of the people had were exactly like Eric's. I went home and watched it.  It was amazing, scary, disheartening, and hopeful all at the same time.  I was angry and cried, but I was hopeful now that I had more information and immediately did research on the Internet.

Tomorrow we go to the doctor for a follow up. This time I'm going to be armed with information on Chronic Lyme Disease.  I'm going to demand a new test just for this condition since early stage Lyme tests don't catch this.  I won't wait until my son is laying on the floor in a twitching pile unable to move or breath like one of the people in the documentary.

I recommend everyone watch this.  It's scary but eye opening.  And there's a lot of information that could be valuable to everyone!

I hope no one else has to see their child go through this, but I'm sure that's an impossible wish.  Don't be afraid to take a stand and do what you need to do.

More to come! Thanks for reading this, I know it was long and probably boring.  But if this information helps just one person!

Resources found during research:

May 20, 2011

Say It Outloud & Stamp It In Metal Giveaway! What Madness Is This?

Metal Amore wants to have some fun. Fun with words and fun with metal. Are you ready for this? Put on your thinking cap and get out your sense of humor. We're going to have a little bitty contest.

All you have to do is post a word or phrase that you would like to see stamped on metal. Letters only please. Spouse bashing is expected, after all I am married. Nothing racist or sexist will be allowed.

  • You'll have to like my Fanpage
  • Then, just go out and get "Likes" on your comment/entry by:
    1. Having your voters like my Fanpage
    2. & have them comment on your post
The person with the most "Likes" on their post will win their entry stamped on a disc with a pretty organza necklace! If you are the winner you must still be a fan of my page after the fun is over to receive your prize. You can "like" and comment on as many posts as you choose. "Like" them all, or just like one. It's up to you.

**I reserve the right to delete any comments or postings that I feel are inappropriate**
**I also reserve the right to use entries for sale or give aways**

Keep in mind this is supposed to be fun an humorous. This may not be a child friendly contest. There may be swearing and X rated entries. If you will be offended, please do not go to my facebook page.

A winner will be picked the weekend of May 29th!

May 03, 2011

Great Wire Wrapping Tutorial Giveaway from Danagonia

I really love the wire tutorials that Danagonia offers.  And now she's offer 5 free ones!  It's really easy to enter. Just give her a little loving promotion and post it to her blog.  Simple as that!

Pplease click here ore the pic below and check out this beautiful pendant tutorial you could win!! You've gotta see that pendant! wow!!

April 11, 2011

The Stalkers Guild Strikes Again

Last week we had the pleasure of promoting Michelle Ballard's Artfire Studio. If you love sea glass like I do then you need to visit her studio.

March 20, 2011

I'm Just Saying...

So, this morning I was trudging around Etsy, my least favorite place, looking for assorted Picasso flower beads. I found a shop with lots of great stuff I wanted. But then I saw this: $10 minimum purchase required.


So I went into her policies and sure enough! $10 minimum purchase. Well, after all, she has kids and pets to feed, don't you know! What? Seriously? Maybe she needs to hock some of her hamsters. What a turn off. I immediately removed her from my favorites.

People of Earth! Do not "demand" a minimum purchase! It's a turn off. Come on, use your brains. That's like saying: "Hey, will you go out with me? And if you do, I demand sex afterwords." Again...what??

If you want to get on my good side try rubbing me the right way. A little, "hey baby, you rub my back and I'll rub yours" will get you a lot farther!

Do you want higher sales? How about you offer a small and affordable free gift to get that minimum up there! I would have been a lot happier to see that, and I wouldn't have really cared what it was, because it was free, and it was offered to me as a courtesy. It wasn't a demand. I much prefer to hand out my hard earned money to those who do not have their hand in my face.

I'm just saying.

Edited to add: Althought I have been told this is against Etsy's TOU to require a minimum purchase, I have yet to find it in the labyrinth of blather on their site. And no, I do not know if blather is a real word or not.

March 05, 2011

Introducing....Metal Amore!

After some deliberation and many cups of coffee I've decided to split up my glass business from my metal stamping. And with that I'd love to introduce to you - Metal Amore.

Metal Amore will be the new home for all my metal stamping designs, as well as my wire wrapping jewelry and goodies. So if it contains metal it can be found at Metal Amore. And over the next month or so I'll be relocating my metal items from GlasstasticTreasures to Metal Amore.

As you know, I've been having a BLAST with my metal stamping. It's really been an inspiration to me and has brought me a lot of joy this long cold cold winter! Take a peek at what I've been up to. I'd love to hear what you think.

Celebrate Nature - My favorite piece yet

February 26, 2011

Win Stamps From PJ tools Impress Art Metal Stamping!

NOTE: This contest is now closed. thanks.

You've heard me ranting about how much fun I've been having with my metal stamping.  I spend more time at my day job jotting down ideas then I do getting my work done. I've been inspired.

And now I'm even more inspired because I can win some cool toys from PJ Tools Impress Art Metal Stamping Tools.  Check them out on facebook and this cool Blog for your ways to win.

I'm so excited to enter and win.  I've been having so much fun and I totally need more goodies to keep creating.  And I need this type font...

February 20, 2011

More Metal Stamping Madness

I have been having a blast with my metal stamps. It's amazing how the ideas flow through my mind through out the day. At work I jot down doodles and notes of ideas. Today I spent the day on the internet looking for inspirational ideas. One thing I found out, well, I should thing that I've proven that I'm not a very serious person.

My humorous side just can't help itself. I get all these snarky ideas and witty comments bouncing around in my head and my mind laughs outloud. So here's what I came up with today. Oh, and by the way, it's so much fun banging that hammer and making noise! I'm such a big kid. Anyways, tongue in cheek humor is just a scroll away.

My Granddaughter's Key chain
She picked the words
Dedicated To My Know-It-All Husband
Whom I LOVE ;)
Thank God For Spell Check!
Snarky St Patrick's Day

February 17, 2011

A Package to Beads Of Courage

It's so great to see the lampworking community donating, sharing and helping others in need.  It just makes me tear up!  I have my donation all set out and ready to pack up.  This is my second donation, and just as the first one I'll be packing the beads with a tissue in one hand.

It's so sad to know that there are children out there who have to suffer through cancer, the whole family suffers.  And as I think of this again this year, I again am so thankful that my grand children and healthy.  Cancer is a scary thing, and I only hope that one of my beads will bring a smile to one child's face.
You can donate too, check this out!

February 14, 2011

Great Customer Service Is The Key

Notice I said "great".  Good customer service is nice, but why settle for the standard when you know you can do better?

If there's one thing I've learned from these online handmade venues it's that I can provide customer service above and beyond anything companies and corporations can provide.  Why? Because I'm in charge.  I have control, I decide, I listen, I read, I respond and I take action.

When I had first started selling I wasn't really sure what to do when I made a sale. So I'd pack up the order and ship it out and wait for my feedback.  Then as I started buying items from others I started receiving thank you messages and notes about when the item would be shipped.

I was ecstatic! Wow, now here's something I hadn't thought of. And I came to appreciate and expect those messages.  I also adopted that small yet important service. 

Then, one day I did the scariest thing ever! I mailed out the wrong item for a freebie I had offered.  I received a message and they thanked me, stated it wasn't the same item they expected, but that they were happy to keep it.  OMG, did I really do that?

Yes, I did. I went through my inventory and found out I had mailed out a similar looking item. Oh man, now what?  It wasn't her fault I mailed the wrong item.  I didn't want her to be upset that I messed up. So I apologized, told her to keep the wrong item and would immediately send her the correct one.  Sure, she got the first item for free, but I made a mistake and the only way to make it right was to get her the correct item, for free. 

You're probably asking yourself, "why didn't you have her send back the wrong item?" Well, why should I make her go through all that for something that she had no control over?  No way was I going to make her pack up the item, go to the post office and pay for shipping, just so I could get my stuff back.  It wasn't worth it.  To me it was more important to make her even happier with both items.  I hope she was.

So, what's my point in all this?  Well, I'm sitting here waiting for a replacement item I ordered.  I was shipped the wrong item.  Of course, I didn't want the seller to be out and money, so I offered to send the item back, which they said to do.  But let me tell you how irritated I was with that!  I had hunt for packing tape because I found out I had forgotten to buy more when I used the last roll.  I had to use a purchased shipping label, I had to pay for shipping, and I had to get the package to the post office.  NOT happy, but I tried to be understanding.

That is, until I found out that the returned item has made it back to the seller some three days ago and I still have yet to see my replacement item!

I'm sorry, but that is just a kick in the ass to me.  Sorry for my bad language.  But first of all, they messed up my order, they wanted the wrong item returned, and I have to wait longer to get my item then they did for the return? Really?  And, still no reimbursement for the postage.

Needless to say, I will not buy from them again, no matter how good their prices are.  It would have been very easy to appease me in this situation.  Just a couple little things would have made a huge difference:
  1. Most importantly, pay me ahead of time for shipping PLUS some!!
  2. Ship the replacement item ASAP!
  3. Contact me to let me know when my item has shipped.
Does that sound unreasonable? I didn't think so.  So please, if you sell online it's so incredibly important to take care of the customer.  Little things make a huge difference! Remember: great customer service is the only thing you can offer that will make the difference to most people.

February 06, 2011

GameKitty was promoted by The Stalkers

February 03, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Deals

Have I told you lately that I love you? Probably not, but I am now! And I've got a little gift for your too! A great deal, or maybe even two.

Everything in my shop is 10% off.l But you can also save another $5.00 off every purchase of $25.00, What a DEAL! This deal could end at any time.

SAVE $ 5.00 On Order Total (orders above $25.00)
Use Coupon Code:
during checkout.

January 31, 2011

Congrats Remarcs! Winner of the Bead Bar Give Away!

I had 21 comments on my Bead Bar Giveaway. I used to chose the winner. And the lucky winning number was 21.

Remarcs WINS!!

Stay tuned for more great give aways! I love giving goodies away! What's next? Oh, I think a lovely metal charm might be in order.

January 27, 2011

Say It With Charm!

Well, I've gone and gotten another bee under my bonnet. I was reading some of my oh-so cool jewelry magazines and came across some hand stamped metals and thought, "now wouldn't that be fun?!" But you know, then I thought, "hey, you don't need another hobby you big goof!" So I put the magazines away.

But then I took them out again and thought the same thing!! After the third time I finally caved in and got some cool letter stamps and an adorable set of swirl stamps and I pounded a new hobby right into my heart! I totally love stamping on metal. And I used up my first set of discs and practice metal playing with them.

I sat at work this morning doodling on a piece of paper instead of working. I just couldn't help it! Now I am waiting for my second batch of metals to come in. I have aluminum squares, copper and brass discs, and copper rectangles! I'm so excited, and my goodies should be here next week.

Here's a peek at what I've done so far. Some of these are not perfect, but I'm still very proud of them. I'd love to hear what you think, and what you'd like to see. You just never know...a metal stamping might just be my next give away!

WOW Charm

Snarky WTF Charm With Clasp

XO Hugs & Kisses Charm

Snarky KMA Charm (Kiss My A**)

January 23, 2011

Lululalaland Supplies, More Then Just A Cute Face!

I don't know about you, but I have all these cool ideas running around inside my head. So today I went looking for some goodies to supplement my imagination. And that was when I found Lululalaland!

So I was peeking at all the goodies and adding stuff to my shopping cart, and I thought "Hey! I should check and see if they have any specials going on!" I ALWAYS look for specials and coupons, by the way.

And what did I find? Well, when I clicked on "more" in the announcement I saw .....
***Special Free Shipping Promotion***
Please see policies for details
So I ran off to the Policies Page and there was the coolest promo idea ever!!! I'm not going to tell you about it, I'm going to let you click the link above and go check it out. And then when you see how easy it is to get a little something for yourself for Lululalaland, and you'll be so glad you went shopping there! I know I am ;)

Thanks a bunch Lululalaland! I'm going to enjoy shopping with you!!!

January 18, 2011

Give-Away Introducing My New Bead Bars!

This drawing is now closed! Thanks :D

I'm going to really make this one simple. Only one comment needed, but I'll give you more chances to win by doing one or all of the following:
  1. Post a comment here and tell me which you prefer: a premade bead bar, or a changeable bead bar you can stack your own big holed beads on
  2. Post a second comment telling me you've signed up for my newsletter. It's over on the top right over there. If you already subscribe to my newsletter, then just post a second comment telling me that.
  3. Post a comment here telling me you blogged, tweeted or posted (include link please) somewhere in your social networking system about my give away.
And now, I'd like to introduce my new Bead Bars! Made with genuine copper, which I love because it's such a warm and inviting color, and it brings out the natural beauty in everything.
Floral Bead Bar Necklace
Blue, pink and white flowers

Brown satin ribbon necklace

This is the Lampwork Bead Bar Necklace you will win. It has one of my handmade floral beads, which I don't make very many of these days. And it features one of my copper bead bars wrapped in copper wire hugging that little floral bead. A simple brown tie on ribbon necklace completes this necklace. This particular pendant is completely finished and ready to wear.

I also sell just the bead bars. Why you ask? Well, I'm a huge fan off the Trollbeads, Pandora and Biagi bracelets. And I love making beads for them. But I can't really wear an big beady bracelet to work since I work on a computer all day. So I wanted something to wear my beads on and show them off. So I created this cool bead bar that you can slide beads on and off of to decorate and adorn yourself!
This has a larger bail for Pandora and Biagi Beads
This has a smaller bail for the Trollbeads, which have smaller holes
This is the Trollbeads Bead bar with multiple beads

This is another pre-finished bead bar, ready to wear

I'd love to hear any other comments and feedback you have. I'm very excited about this design. I hope you like it as well.

Winner to be selected on 1/31/11!
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