January 27, 2011

Say It With Charm!

Well, I've gone and gotten another bee under my bonnet. I was reading some of my oh-so cool jewelry magazines and came across some hand stamped metals and thought, "now wouldn't that be fun?!" But you know, then I thought, "hey, you don't need another hobby you big goof!" So I put the magazines away.

But then I took them out again and thought the same thing!! After the third time I finally caved in and got some cool letter stamps and an adorable set of swirl stamps and I pounded a new hobby right into my heart! I totally love stamping on metal. And I used up my first set of discs and practice metal playing with them.

I sat at work this morning doodling on a piece of paper instead of working. I just couldn't help it! Now I am waiting for my second batch of metals to come in. I have aluminum squares, copper and brass discs, and copper rectangles! I'm so excited, and my goodies should be here next week.

Here's a peek at what I've done so far. Some of these are not perfect, but I'm still very proud of them. I'd love to hear what you think, and what you'd like to see. You just never know...a metal stamping might just be my next give away!

WOW Charm

Snarky WTF Charm With Clasp

XO Hugs & Kisses Charm

Snarky KMA Charm (Kiss My A**)

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