February 20, 2011

More Metal Stamping Madness

I have been having a blast with my metal stamps. It's amazing how the ideas flow through my mind through out the day. At work I jot down doodles and notes of ideas. Today I spent the day on the internet looking for inspirational ideas. One thing I found out, well, I should say...one thing that I've proven again...is that I'm not a very serious person.

My humorous side just can't help itself. I get all these snarky ideas and witty comments bouncing around in my head and my mind laughs outloud. So here's what I came up with today. Oh, and by the way, it's so much fun banging that hammer and making noise! I'm such a big kid. Anyways, tongue in cheek humor is just a scroll away.

My Granddaughter's Key chain
She picked the words
Dedicated To My Know-It-All Husband
Whom I LOVE ;)
Thank God For Spell Check!
Snarky St Patrick's Day

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