March 20, 2011

I'm Just Saying...

So, this morning I was trudging around Etsy, my least favorite place, looking for assorted Picasso flower beads. I found a shop with lots of great stuff I wanted. But then I saw this: $10 minimum purchase required.


So I went into her policies and sure enough! $10 minimum purchase. Well, after all, she has kids and pets to feed, don't you know! What? Seriously? Maybe she needs to hock some of her hamsters. What a turn off. I immediately removed her from my favorites.

People of Earth! Do not "demand" a minimum purchase! It's a turn off. Come on, use your brains. That's like saying: "Hey, will you go out with me? And if you do, I demand sex afterwords." Again...what??

If you want to get on my good side try rubbing me the right way. A little, "hey baby, you rub my back and I'll rub yours" will get you a lot farther!

Do you want higher sales? How about you offer a small and affordable free gift to get that minimum up there! I would have been a lot happier to see that, and I wouldn't have really cared what it was, because it was free, and it was offered to me as a courtesy. It wasn't a demand. I much prefer to hand out my hard earned money to those who do not have their hand in my face.

I'm just saying.

Edited to add: Althought I have been told this is against Etsy's TOU to require a minimum purchase, I have yet to find it in the labyrinth of blather on their site. And no, I do not know if blather is a real word or not.


eaglehawk said...

While I completely agree, I also see where the seller is coming from. If I was selling little pieces like say beads at 10 cents a piece I could see where they were coming from.

Damma said...

I seriously doubt,Eaglehawk, that their beads were 10 cents a piece! I shop at ONE place that has a $10 minimum only because I purchase a lot when I go there.
I agree, Jamie, it is against the rules but it is like the other rules.....
I have also Xd out of and cancelled carts from such shops. NOT good business practice!

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