May 20, 2011

Say It Outloud & Stamp It In Metal Giveaway! What Madness Is This?

Metal Amore wants to have some fun. Fun with words and fun with metal. Are you ready for this? Put on your thinking cap and get out your sense of humor. We're going to have a little bitty contest.

All you have to do is post a word or phrase that you would like to see stamped on metal. Letters only please. Spouse bashing is expected, after all I am married. Nothing racist or sexist will be allowed.

  • You'll have to like my Fanpage
  • Then, just go out and get "Likes" on your comment/entry by:
    1. Having your voters like my Fanpage
    2. & have them comment on your post
The person with the most "Likes" on their post will win their entry stamped on a disc with a pretty organza necklace! If you are the winner you must still be a fan of my page after the fun is over to receive your prize. You can "like" and comment on as many posts as you choose. "Like" them all, or just like one. It's up to you.

**I reserve the right to delete any comments or postings that I feel are inappropriate**
**I also reserve the right to use entries for sale or give aways**

Keep in mind this is supposed to be fun an humorous. This may not be a child friendly contest. There may be swearing and X rated entries. If you will be offended, please do not go to my facebook page.

A winner will be picked the weekend of May 29th!

May 03, 2011

Great Wire Wrapping Tutorial Giveaway from Danagonia

I really love the wire tutorials that Danagonia offers.  And now she's offer 5 free ones!  It's really easy to enter. Just give her a little loving promotion and post it to her blog.  Simple as that!

Pplease click here ore the pic below and check out this beautiful pendant tutorial you could win!! You've gotta see that pendant! wow!!

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