August 04, 2011

Summer Can Begin Now?

Just wanted to update you all on Eric's condition.  So far he's getting stronger.  He still isn't able to stand or walk like he used to.  Luckily he can sit at work through most of the day, so he still gets a pay check.

His second Lyme Disease test came back negative again.  But he's been on his second dose of doxycyline so there's no sense doing another test.

Now what he needs is insurance.  It's too late to help pay for the bills he already has, which is too bad because he's got a small fortune in bills.  We're hoping Badger Care Plus will get to his application soon.  Although he was 100,000 something on the waiting list when he applied.  How sad is that?  But if they can get to it in the next three months and he's eligible, they'll go back three months.  We have our fingers crossed.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes.  It means a lot!

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