March 25, 2012

Great Things

Giveaways and tutorials, how can you get any better then that? Kind of hard, I'm guessing. And I came across these two as I was lounging away my Sunday at the computer. First, let's talk about this giveaway. Yay, jewelry inspiration is always a plus, in my book. And this DVD is going to be packed with it. Actually, there are three DVDs to give away. This is just one of them. Just click the book cover to go to the blog and learn how you could win.  Thanks Lori!!

And this great tutorial can help you turn a simple ball head pin into a cute little rosette for you jewelry designs.  I love this, it's a small detail with big impact, don't you think!  Just click the picture below to be taken to Kristen's blog tutorial.  You'll also find a link to her Etsy shop where she sells all her yummy metal jewelry goodness.  Thanks Keirsten!

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