August 19, 2012

A Dream Come True!

Yay! After waiting for years it's finally happening!  I'm getting my studio.  The concrete has been poured.  And in less then two weeks the builders will be here.  Once they start it will take about a week.  Then my husband and I will work on the inside.

I will be using a white factory coated wainscoting fiber board from floor to ceiling, which will be easy to clean.  My dad has some  old wooden cabinets I will be hanging on the walls, and painting them a nice bright purple.  And when I get bored I can choose any color I want.  That's the beauty of having the main walls a nice neutral white.

I should mention that I don't get the whole building.  It's a nice 12x24 feet, and half of it will be for hubby, he wants a sauna.  That was one of the ways I was able to finally get him to agree.  But hey! After all these years of working our butts off don't we deserve something we want? I say we do.

Want to know how we can afford this?  We refinanced to a much lower interest rate.  That was the big push my husband needed.  Our refinancing brought our total interest paid and our monthly payments down.  So the refinancing itself is paying for it.  In the end, after paying for the building we're paying less money then if we hadn't refinanced!

Stay tuned, more to come!
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