September 23, 2012

Work Shop Progress: Under Construction

My new workshop is coming along nicely.  We've been working about 14 hour days every weekend for a month now.  Everything always takes a lot more time then you expect.  And it's always more work then expected.  But it looks great!

We've nailed the paneling up on the walls and ceiling.  We bought easy maintenance bead board, already coated in a nice soft white.  But it can be painted, which is always good.  I'm a gal who likes change.

I did all the wiring for the lights, which is really very easy to do.  My hubby bought me my own pair of electrical pliers.  He calls them T-5s, but we're really not sure on the technical name.

So here are the latest pics of our progress:

top left: Me
top right: Ceiling fan
bottom left: the window
bottom right: the door and electrical box.

September 09, 2012

Make A Great Hobo Style Bag From A Scarf!

This is an amazing idea!!  The first thing I thought of was that this idea would come in sooooo handy when you come across a craft sale or flea market.  You can take a large scarf, which won't take up much space at all, and convert it into a great hobo bag to stuff full of goodies while shopping!!

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