January 20, 2013

A Day Of Accomplishments

Wow, what a title! Makes me feel like I flew to the moon or something amazing!! lol But actually, yesterday was a great day of accomplishments for me. 

 Since I work a full time job and make jewelry and lampwork on the side, there's not much time for household necessities. I always manage to find time to paint or rearrange the furniture, but I rarely manage to get anything productive done around the house. Until yesterday. 

About six years ago we tore the wall down in our galley style kitchen and widened it by two feet. It doesn't sound like much but it was an amazing transformation. And I was thrilled to finally have more storage. But, the weird thing was that it didn't seem like there really was more room for anything! 

While browsing the webpages of Better Homes and Gardens the other day I came across some organization ideas for the pantry. And a huge light bulb went off over my head. Did you see the bright flash? I'm thinking you did! 

So, Friday after work I made my way over to my local Target (LOVE Target) for some organizing supplies. I wanted some of those double tiered spinning lazy susans and some wire racks.  I do have to say that I was really disappointed.  They only had one size wire shelf, and no double tiered spinning anything.  UGH!  So, I settled with the one size they did have and went home.

I emptied out the whole pantry and the canned goods cabinet.  While it was empty the marred white walls were screaming for a paint job.  But I didn't have time for that.  So I just wiped everything down and stacked my wire shelves and started putting the canned goods on them.   

I threw out old food and packed up anything I wasn't using, and slowly filled the shelves, making sure I was making the best use of what little shelf space I had.  And I was thrilled with the outcome!

I had been so excited to get started that it didn't even occur to me to get before pictures until I ran to get my camera after pantry was all nice and organized.  Let's just say that it looked like everything was thrown in there by a monkey! That would be me :(

I managed to get most everything from the pantry back in there, along with all the canned goods from another cabinet, and boxes of bars from yet another cabinet!  I put most of the snack bars in a basket for easy access and used my storage containers for other bulky packaged items (Tupperware-bottom shelf and OXO-top right).   

I put the canned goods at eye level so they're easy to see, and the other boxed and bagged items are down below.  And when the grand kids leave today they'll be taking their snacks home so there will be even more room down there!!  Oh, the wire rack on the bottom shelf came from the cabinet were the canned goods used to be.

The cabinet above is small (this is where the canned goods used to be, all jammed in chaotically on the top shelf).  Now it holds the bulky and rarely used items that used to be in my pantry or corner cabinet (not shown).  Everything on the bottom shelf had already been there, except for the napkins (those are from the pantry), I just re-organized it so there's more space.

I'm so happy with how everything turned out.  And now I have more room in three different cabinets!! How cool is that!  And the cost of my pantry make-over: $9.98 plus tax!!

I'm no inspired to do some more organizing.  I'm starting to enjoy it, and love getting inspiration online.  I hope this has inspired you as well.  
Happy organizing!  You an do it!

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